Hip Hop Artist YAVID (King 810) Releases New EP Paper Fortune Teller

Hip Hop Artist YAVID (David Gunn, lead vocals of King 810) released his solo EP titled Paper Fortune Teller independently. The EP was produced by HELLUVA, Earthworm and Josh Schroeder.

The video for the first single “Hemingway” is already at over 40,000 views. The video can be seen here (video has graphic content):

New King 810 tours and music to be announced for 2020!

David Gunn has a podcast called The “Gunncast” which is a free, long form audio and video podcast hosted by the American artist, frontman, rapper, author, director, actor, and martial artist. David , co-host Cousy, and friends meditate on art, music, industry, film, television, current events and whatever may come up. The podcast can be heard here:

David is also the author of the book titled ‘Summertime in Murdertown: How I Survived Where the Best Die.’ Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, David Gunn is proud to have grown up in a city facing constant adversity, and to represent a community whose government knowingly poisoned its citizens for years. Now, he pulls back the curtain on Flint—like only those born and raised there can do.
The book can be purchased here: