Who Uses NMW?

New Music Weekly, LLC, the parent company of New Music Weekly Magazine, is used by music industry professionals, publishing companies, songwriters, label executives artist, bands, managers and others subscriber to the weekly publication to get access to the most-up-to-date industry news. Programmers, artists/bands, A&R execs and records labels use the press release submission process to broadcast the information.

How often will I receive NMW?

As a subscribed member, you will receive an email each week notifying you that your latest issue of New Music Weekly magazine is available for viewing.  

Is it possible to purchase less than one year subscriptions of New Music Weekly magazine?

New Music Weekly magazine is available in one-year or discounted two-year option.

I did not receive my NMW email. Why is this?

Whether you are a new member or have been a member for years, please add “staff@newmusicweekly.com” to your “whitellist” with your internet service provider as well as your email address book. This will almost always solve the issue. 

Is contact information included?

New Music Weekly magazine is for professional use only, and oftentimes contact information is not included in music listings. Many independent or smaller label projects do include full contact info, but the larger labels sometimes do not. As a subscribed member, you have inside information about who is looking for material but it will still be up to you to gain song servicing and permission to submit your material.

If I am working on a recording project, how can I submit a project listing?

Reviews and articles are focused on artists/bands which are currently impacting radio with a new release. 

Release Date:
Contact name:
CDs or MP3s?:

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