This form is for use by PR firms, Radio or publicity departments in their respective companies.

Artists and Record Labels please visit here for artist features, press release submissions and/or editorial content.

Press Release Submission Guidelines:

  1. Press releases should present newsworthy information about your company in an informative, journalistic manner. Be sure to adjust your release so that it reads like a press release and does not read like an ad.
  2. Press releases must not consist of grammatical errors. Please proofread, use a spell check program and be sure it is written in well-formed English grammar and structure.
  3. All press releases submitted are required to be clearly relevant and newsworthy specifically about the company and or product. Be sure to adjust the text so it clearly explains how it is specifically relevant and newsworthy.
  4. The title of your press release should mention your subject and be clearly descriptive of what is newsworthy about your subject in the release.

Check Your Work:

  • Press release title must NOT contain ALL CAPS as standard within journalism and publishing.
  • All website URLs must be “hot links”. Full URL strings are not allowed.
  • Images MUST be high quality and correctly sized for online and print publication.

Press Release Submission Form