Mixed Reviews Does Not Taint Goal

    Before I sat down to write this column, I made sure to talk with a cross-section of people. Twenty-five years is a long time. Perhaps it was just that I was getting old. But, I played the new version of “We are the World-25” back to back with the original for several people after its […]

  • Dick Clark

    Until Next Time, So Long

    I’m sad today. Lost a piece of my childhood, which ended up ironically as part of my adult life in much bigger ways than I could ever imagine.I remember watching early American Bandstand shows when I was 5 or 6 living in Salem. Frankly, it was the closest thing to pop culture on TV back […]

  • microphone in radio station

    Don’t Underestimate Yourself

    It hasn’t been a banner year for many people. The economy has yet to make a significant recovery. People are struggling, even those with what I would consider to be extravagant incomes. This recession thing is something that we’re forced to participate in, whether we want to or not. So, as we near the end […]

  • maxresdefault

    Yes, You Can

    I know musicians whom were really at the peak of their potential walk away from the business. They became frustrated. That’s so easy to do in this industry. Really, in any form of entertainment, you probably will hear the word “NO” more so than the average human being. Having a thick skin is essential in […]

  • research_2016_radio_profit_web_time

    Telephonic Surveys Now A Waste Of Time

    A radio group announced last month that they were severing ties with Arbitron, citing problems with measuring audiences in smaller markets and rural areas, and was going with a telephonic measuring system called the Eastlan group. New Northwest Broadcasters owns over 30 stations in four western states- Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Alaska. In my opinion, […]

  • gap

    Bridging The Generation Gap

    When I first started in radio if I played a song that was more than 10 years old, it really stood out like a sore thumb. Further back than that, it was almost unacceptable. Thinking back on those early days, when I also DJ’ed at high school dances, weddings, and later in clubs, if you […]

  • radio

    Going Backwards With Radio

    A funny thing happened while I was reading the print version of my last column sitting at my desk here last week. A co-worker informed me that one of our competitors, a station that we’re head to head with in the Top 40 genre since our sign on 7 months ago, had gone to a […]

  • online

    Local Radio Still Rules?

    With the impending merger of XM and Sirius, much attention has been placed back on satellite radio. A push to gain new subscribers to help ease the pain when Howard Stern hangs up his headphones is going on now, with two years free service being essentially offered to folks who’ve never had satellite radio before. […]

  • Floyd Wynne

    Not The Best Of Seasons

    Christmas time is usually a very festive time for me. Though my parents and grandparents have passed, I still enjoy the meals with extended family members and all that goes with the season. This past season, however, didn’t make the grade as one of my favorites. One of the men very much responsible for my […]

  • Anohter Banner Night In Tinseltown

    Anohter Banner Night In Tinseltown

    It happened just a little later this year than usual, but the weatherman held out a perfect weekend for the New Music Awards held November 22nd at the Avalon Theater. Congratulations to all nominees, and winners. And congrats as well go out to the house band that sounded like they had played together all year […]

  • radio 1

    5 Easy Steps

    Right now, today, there are five easy things you can do that can make your radio stations sound better, and improve employee morale. Of course, many of you may do all of these things, and to you, kudos. You’re doing many of the right things to make you a winner. But, most PD’s that multi-task […]

  • facebook music1

    Tool Or Fool?

    It’s not uncommon for workplaces….especially in the entertainment industry, radio personalities…..to use the wide array of social networking sites out there to step “out of the box” to promote their on-air talent, on-air promotions, and the overall station presentation. But make no mistake about it. As much as it can be an attribute to your […]




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