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    Whitney, Almost Had It All

    Ironically, one of the songs I liked most recorded by Whtiney Houston was “Didn’t we almost have it all”. More than a great majority of us, and in the top echelon of entertainers, Whitney Houston did have it all. Beauty. An angelic voice, pitch perfect. Passion. An ability to transform that talent onto the silver […]

  • adf

    Monday, Monday. . .why I Dislike That Day

    Well, it’s time to blow off some steam. Maybe not steam, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head for quite a while now. Time to clear the air. I realize in this industry, radio, records, and the like, we all have jobs to do. And I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a […]

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    Don’t Underestimate Yourself

    It hasn’t been a banner year for many people. The economy has yet to make a significant recovery. People are struggling, even those with what I would consider to be extravagant incomes. This recession thing is something that we’re forced to participate in, whether we want to or not. So, as we near the end […]

  • ju

    Be Careful What You Wish For, It Just Might Not Come True

    It’s painfully apparent that there are many programmers on the beach right now in the radio industry. I’ve been flooded with e-mails from new “consultancy” groups….and after doing some homework, it’s not really a group at all, for the most part. It’s a stand alone former PD looking for their next gig, trying to stay […]

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    Let Go Of Our Ears, We Know What We’re Doing

    This might be more controversial than I want it to be. I begin by admitting this to all radio station owners, and corporate moguls- the true success of a radio station is REVENUE, not how good it sounds. But it’s almost impossible to have one without the other. If you need a plumber, you don’t […]

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    Down The Nubbins

    My stations are not alone in this predicament. We’ve downsized….essentially not replacing folks when they’ve chosen to leave…..and we’re running on a bare bones staff right now. I don’t anticipate that it will change anytime soon. I do believe that it will get better, but that said….there will probably never be a time that we’ll […]

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    The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

    If you’re in radio, you know that this industry has been going through very rough times lately. And, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that Clear Channel purchased almost half of the radio stations, from a total of 14,000 in the U.S., in a frenzy in the 1990’s. They then homogenized radio […]

  • Floyd Wynne

    Not The Best Of Seasons

    Christmas time is usually a very festive time for me. Though my parents and grandparents have passed, I still enjoy the meals with extended family members and all that goes with the season. This past season, however, didn’t make the grade as one of my favorites. One of the men very much responsible for my […]

  • temp_map2

    Spanning The Globe

    About a year ago, I received an e-mail from a listener of our classic rock station from Wagga Wagga, Australia. We stream our signal on line, and through a website that gives people a menu of stations that fit their listening habits, Jeff found our station and loved the music mix. Through correspondence of e-mails, […]

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    A Storm Is Brewing

    A storm is brewing that could very well drastically change the way we do our jobs in radio, records, and as recording artists. For radio stations in small markets, it could prove to be the beginning of the end. Legislation is currently being considered in Washington for radio stations to pay artists for airplay. Currently […]

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    Tool Or Fool?

    It’s not uncommon for workplaces….especially in the entertainment industry, radio personalities…..to use the wide array of social networking sites out there to step “out of the box” to promote their on-air talent, on-air promotions, and the overall station presentation. But make no mistake about it. As much as it can be an attribute to your […]

  • sts

    Why are you reporting?

    It’s been an interesting week. Monday, I got a call from a man representing a record label I had never heard of. He went on to tell me that he was working a single from an artist I vaguely remember from last year’s charts, and like all others that have called here for 20 years, […]