Fall Season Is Adult Contemporary Music’s Favorite Time Of Year

The legendary Paul McCartney is back at radio with a new single and that is always a welcome sight. Our format is going crazy for “Come On To Me” (Capitol). Watch for some big weeks ahead for Paul and his new entry.  George Ezra is out and about with a new single that is getting raves from many of our music and program directors. “Shotgun” (Columbia) is the jam that is setting the music world ablaze and if I were a betting man (and I am) I would put some cash behind this new masterpiece.

Dean Lewis is on the move and make no mistake about that. His well thought and powerful  “Be Alright” (Universal/UMG) appears to be well on its way to becoming the breakout of the year. Anne Marie is also getting raves for her latest offering. Many of our programmers can’s seem to get enough of her new “2002” (Atlantic). Make sure to save some room on your play-list for this monster jam. Matt Nathanson who is always one of my favorites is off and running with a new single. “Used To Be” (Acrobat) is the one he’s taking from coast to coast and this track deserves your very immediate attention.

Panic! At The Disco, one of America’s premiere bands are rocking the charts once again and their powerful fan base is going crazy.  “High Hopes” (DCD2/Fueled By Ramen/WEA) is the song that is doing the trick and if you want to see the phones light up, just toss this one in for a few spins.  The young and ever so popular 5 Seconds Of Summer are off and running with their current single moving to the top of the charts. “Youngblood” (Capitol) is the cut that is better than most and deserving of top-level radio rotation.

Recording artist Devi is back at the format with a real solid gem. “Summer Love” (Ind) is the track that has spent weeks in the “most added” column and now it’s making its way to the top of the charts in record time. Weezer has one of the best remakes of the year. “Africa” (Crush Music/Atlantic) taken from the legendary Toto is the bands rendition that is out of this world. The boys have done a masterful job in making this into a new hit single and for those youngsters that never really knew the powerful original.

Snow Patrol are back at the format and what a great band they are. I’m really loving the new “Empress” (Republic) track that is one of their best to date. So glad to have this great band back at radio and if you caught their live performance on Good Morning America it reminded all of us about just how good this act really is.   The odd pairing of Cher and Andy Garcia is actually pulling in some rather impressive numbers. “Fernando” (Polydor) is the song that is making magic on many AC stations around the USA.

One Republic is rocking the charts once again and they are also truly one of the best at radio these days. “Connection” (Interscope) is the song that is getting major support from our panel of music and program directors. Mack Holland has a new single that deserves your attention. Save a little rook out there for “Are You Ready” (Coast). The big time teaming of Jason Derulo along with David Guetta, the ever wild Nicki Minaj & Willy William is a real treat. “Goodbye” (Parlophone/WMG) is the one that is making magic and we really will keep a good eye and ear on this one.

Garrett Young is rocking strong with “My Friend” (West Coast Collective). This single is moving to the top at record time. Dianne Meinke is also closing in on the top spot with her new and approved “Read My Mind” (UVI). Al & Trey are also picking up big numbers for their latest “And Now I Know” (Tide Productions). Andrew Reed has one of the best singles out at radio and make no mistake about that. “Cure My Mind” (Artists International) is the one that is making magic from coast to coast. Royalush are back with a real solid jam. “Complicated” (High School Records) is so good that you just have to give that some special attention. Also be on the watch as Eileen Carey “That Town” brings new magic to radio in the coming weeks. I’ll have more for you next time right here.