Eric Church Is “Mr Misunderstood”

Eric Church is back at the format with one of his best to date.  “Mr Misunderstood” (Universal Nashville) reminds us about what a solid contribution Eric is making to the Country format. Watch for some big weeks ahead for this monster single. I’m also loving the new Maddie & Tae single. “Shut Up And Fish” (Dot/Republic) is the one that’s getting a big thumbs up from our music and program directors. We had the privilege of hearing this song “unplugged” during a live performance at the now defunct House of Blues in Los Angeles and we could tell just how pumped up her label was about this song for radio.

Granger Smith has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. “Backroad Song” (GSL) is the cut that is breaking by leaps and bounds. You might want to give this one a spin around the black before you’re the last one on it. Sam Austin is back at the format with a solid gem. “Ain’t It Good” (Plateau) is the cut that is getting raves from our panel. I’m also happy to report that Keith Urban is alive and well. His new “Break On Me” (Hit Red/Capitol Nashville) is the perfect track for this time of year and it gives Keith a big push moving into 2016 when this single will no doubt become his next #1.

It’s great to have Clint Black back at Country radio. He’s getting raves for his new “Time For That” (Black Top) and for good reason, this is a great tune that deserves your immediate attention. Michael Ray is back at it with another real gem. “Real Men Love Jesus” (WEA) is the one that is taking off and keep this in the hot stack. Florida Georgia Line bring another winner into their list of monster hits. “Confession” (Big Machine/Universal) is their latest and this is such a good song as all of their singles have been. You will no doubt get monster calls on this one to be sure.

Brett Eldredge has one of his best to date out and about at radio. “Drunk On Your Love” (Atlantic Nashville) is so good that after a few listens you will be hooked for life. He’s also one of the fastest rising stars in Country so you can’t go wrong with Brett. Joe Nichols has another real favorite here at New Music Weekly. His new “Freaks Like Me” (Red Bow/Sony) is oh so good and we hope to see Joe at this year’s CRS where we’ve met him in years past.  He’s also one of the smartest recording artists on Country music.

Nobody is hotter right now at the format than Chris Stapleton. His new “Nobody To Blame” (Mercury Nashville) is really on fire and what a bright spot this is for closing out 2015. Recording artist Hailey Whitters has a good thing going at radio and wants the whole world to know it. “One More Hell” (Carnival) is the one to watch for in the weeks to come but better than that, get it on the air soon. Josh Christina is also rocking the world of Country with “Kayla Ann” (Go Time). We will see how this all plays out in the weeks to come but so far so very good for Josh and his strong music support team.

Joey Canyon is having a grand run at the format.  “Life Without You” (Glo-Dot) the follow-up to his earlier “He’s Coming Back Home To Her For Good” is not only rocking it at Country, other formats from AC to Top40 are also having great success with this powerful track. Eileen Carey is really killing at Country and multiple formats. It’s all thanks to her single “Faith” (RolleyCstr Music) that is breaking at radio at the most perfect time.

Recording artist Chuck Murphy is also getting lots of love at Country . His “How Many Times” (One West) is doing well here and at other formats. This is the “one to watch” in 2015 for sure. Zach Linley And The Rebel Daredevils are taking the music world by storm. “What It Takes” (Ind) is the jam that many of you are all over. Since this is our very Best of 2015, please take the time to go over the list of artists that deserve special attention. This all leads up to our New Music Awards and we don’t want to leave anyone behind that should be on that special list. I’ve had such a great time with this column and if you are in the Nashville area this holiday season, come visit me at Legends Corner. I’d like to wish all of my loyal new readers a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & I look forward to a strong and powerful 2016 as we keep this “new music revolution” alive & well.