Best Of 2015

It’s hard to believe that this year is almost over. It seems that years move along faster than ever in this fast charged world in which we live. 2015 saw the start of the presidential campaign for 2016 and brought along more drama that a pack of soap operas. We also had our share of domestic and international events that kept us on high alert. Through all of the dramatic elements it was the music that once again kept us from going completely insane. The music of 2015 had all the elements of what the year reflected but touched much more on the emotional and sometimes tender moments of the past twelve months.

From the music landscape there were bold and beautiful moves from Mainstream to Country all captured via the weekly charts here at New Music Weekly. Many of the new breaking records and artists of the day actually got their first shot at chart activity right here. From the major label artists to the strong independents much of what was going on musically in 2015 found a safe haven here on the pages of the magazine and on our charts and research. What we found was a year filled with exciting and energetic music.

Taylor Swift continued to be the darling of the year in pop music. No longer a threat at Country via her own choosing, the Swift racked up more back to back #1 singles than any other among the pop music crowd closing things out with her top charter in “Wildest Dreams”. Perhaps it was that very title that showcased what’s been going on with this super talent. The year closed out with the surprise yet well anticipated released from Adele. Her return single in “Hello” is exploding from Top40 to AC and it seems that this was just the shot radio needed to close out a year that was truly a mixed bag.

Country was alive and well and make no mistake about it. The core artists from Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood from the Zac Brown Band all brought home #1 singles and more. Even a few newcomers in Chris Janson to Old Dominion got their shot at the top and kept things hopeful for many newer artists. The year closed out with a strong and powerful single from Thomas Rhett in “Die A Happy Man” a song that will find its way well into 2016. Indie artists abound in Country from Joey Canyon to Chuck Murphy and the field of indie artists can be viewed in this week’s charts.

Our Best of 2015 issue gives us all the opportunity to take a look at the records, artists and labels that had a most banner year. This issue sets the template for our annual New Music Awards. Over the next month we will be polling our radio stations and their programmers on the acts that had the strongest impact this year.  That will help us determine the nominations and they once again be made available to the general public and our subscribers for votes on-line.  This keeps it all fair and gives the fans of artists the opportunity to get in on the action.

This is also a good time to thank our radio stations, music and program directors for their contribution towards the weekly charts. Many of these good people have other jobs at their stations in and around the community. The fact that they take the time to report and help many artists and bands regardless of how strapped they are for time and funds is a true and so much appreciated accomplishment.  Without their assistance we would not be able to provide the services that we do here on a weekly basis.

It’s also that time to thank the many artists, labels, mangers and publicists that come to us each and every week with information and requests. The support from all of you has been overwhelming and again is critical to what we do here at New Music Weekly. We have found this to be a total team effort and the fact that many of you turn to us for information and support gives us hope and keeps this music machine going. We will continue our “New Music Revolution” just as long as we continue to get the support from the music industry that is so critical in helping to put this all together. Please check all of the artists out in this issue from the charts to the advertisements as they all deserve your support. We wish all of you’re a very Merry Christmas and lets get set for an amazing 2016.