Ariana Grande Is On Fire And In Focus

Ariana Grande is on fire and back to her hit making ways. After a slight bump in the road she gets it all together with the new “Focus” (Republic/Universal) single. This one should put her back on top where she belongs. Her self-management ways need to be held at bay and she’ll be well on her way to recovery. The pairing of Nico & Vinz with the talented Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha is helping to get them back on top as well. “That’s How You Know” (WB/WEA) is actually a real solid song and should be getting more attention that it’s been getting as of late. With so much traffic out there at radio, it’s easy to have a great song get lost in the mix. We really hope that does not happen with this musical gem.

Fall Out Boy has teamed up with go getter Demi Lovato for a real strong entry. “Irresistible” (Island/UMG) is the jam that we are talking about. It’s such a different take on a pop hit but for some odd reason the pairing really works. Please give it a shot and you will get some rather strong results.  Justin Bieber continues his streak and talk about rebounding a struggling career. The Bieb has really turned it all around and with the release of his new #1 album featuring the new single “Sorry” (RBMG/DefJam/UMG) only good things are happening for him. We wish him the best and keep up the good work kid.

Shaggy has teamed up with PitBull & Gene Noble for a real Top40 smash. “Only Love” (Brooklyn Knights/RAL/Sony) is the jam that is really getting raves from many of our music and program directors. This one has all the makings of a huge hit and with most of the Shaggy singles, look for it to stay on the charts for a record number of weeks.
Those wacky Chainsmokers have paired with Rozes for what else could it be but “Roses” (Columbia). This studio and club mix gang comes up with some rather crazy stuff and this one is no exception. Should work great on your morning shows and will get reaction.

The Rudimental and Ed Sheeran duet is fast becoming a music anthem. “Lay It All On Me” (Major Toms/Big Beat) is such a great cut and this one you just can’t get out of your head. I also really like the new one from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Never thought I’d be in their corner but their “Hey Everybody!” (Capitol) is so catchy that you can’t put it down. They have a fan base that is monster big and that should keep this track going all the way.

Adele is back and make no mistake about that. “Hello” (Columbia) puts her back on top where she belongs. Radio from Top40 to AC is all over this jam like a bad dream. Make no mistake that she is back to take it all and the new album will be the biggest ever. Adam Lambert is back at the format with a real excellent single. “Another Lonely Night” (WB/WEA) is one that you need to spend a little time with but once it sinks in you can’t put it down. Kelly Clarkson also has a new track that is getting big praise and early spins. “Piece By Piece” (RCA/RLG) is the one and make sure you power this one out big time.

Chuck Murphy is having a very impressive run with his debut single “How Many Times” (One West). Make sure he’s on your list when it comes to spins and moves. Abuss is also having a solid run with their debut track entitled “Poor Days” (Daybreak). What a great cut this is. Royalush made a huge impact this year with “Shot For America” (High School Records).   Brandy Moss Scott also had one banner year with “Bye, Bye, Baby” (Heavenly Tunes) and there is much more to come from her in 2016 to be sure

Coldplay has returned to the fight and are they ever ready for it. “Adventure Of A Lifetime” (Parlophone/Atlantic) has to be one of their best and this one is powerful at best. Also getting raves is the Uptown Band featuring Erich Cawalla & Jenifer Kinder.  “I Can Breathe” (Coast) is the single that many of you are really digging on.  Since this is our Best of 2015, many of the artists on the charts this week should be held in consideration when it comes to our New Music Awards. We will be polling a good many of our stations and their programmers over the next 30 days and that will have an impact on who makes the list.  I’ll be taking a little time off so if we don’t run into each other please have a very Merry Christmas and a big time Happy New Year. More next time but it will be for 2016.