Coldplay Is Back At The Format With Open Arms

Coldplay is back at the format and as expected they are being met with open arms. The new “Adventure Of A Lifetime” (Parlophone/Atlantic) makes them quite relevant for what’s going on at radio and it appears that the band will be back on track with this gem.  Kelly Clarkson has another winner on her hands to close out 2015. There is no doubt about it that her new “Piece By Piece” (RCA/RLG) will be around well into 2016. This is one of her best to date and watch for some big weeks ahead at radio for this gem.

Adele is back with a vengeance. Her delightful “Hello” (Columbia) comes to radio and becomes one of the most played new singles I can remember. You hear this monster record just about everywhere you go. The chorus is ever so strong making this one of her best to date.  Adam Lambert is back at radio and many of our music and program directors are just thrilled. “Another Lonely Night” (WB/WEA) is the gem we are talking about. Our Nikki Thunder from KCHE (Cherokee, IA) is already slamming it so hard you would think she’s a major Adam Lambert fan. Oh, I almost forgot – she is!

Halsey is hitting it hard at the format and make no mistake about that.  “New Americana” (Astralwerks/Universal) is the jam we are talking about. This artist is quite interesting and we will keep watch to see just how strong this single grows in the coming weeks. Elle King has an anthem in the works and it’s pretty plain and simple. “Ex’s & Oh’s” (RCA/RLG) has fast become a real monster record and her label knows it. Watch for this to rank as one of the very best in 2015. Also keep in mind that many of the artists you see on the charts this month are all potential contenders of our 2015 New Music Awards.

Tracy Chapman is back at the AC format and that is always a very good thing indeed. Her new “Stand By Me” (Rhino/WEA) is fast becoming a solid favorite among many of our music and programmers and for good reason – it’s just that good. Rob Thomas is getting plenty of love and attention at radio and why not. New latest in “Hold On Forever” (Atlantic) is as strong as anything he’s had out in the past. He’s also been on the road promoting this one extra hard and is seems his efforts have been paying off,

Selena Gomez is getting plenty of love from the AC format. Her new “Same Old Love” (Interscope) is a real winner and it’s great to see what a credible recording artist this little Disney girl has turned out to be. Zella Day is also getting some good solid spins at the format. The single “Hypnotic” (P&B) appears to be building some solid steam by leaps and bounds. We’ll see how it all plays out in the weeks to come but from what we’ve been seeing and hearing about this artist, so far so very, very good.

Jimmy White is back at radio and that’s always a good thing. His new “I Wish You Peace” (828) has ranked #1 “most added” for several weeks now and this is fast becoming a solid Holiday anthem for him. Joey Canyon also has a real winner on his hands with “Life Without You” (Glo Dot). The song started at Country and crossed over to this format in record time. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one to be sure.

The Uptown Band w/Erich Cawalla & Jenifer Kinder is off to a rocking start. “I Can Breathe” (Coast) is the gem that you need to pay extra special attention to in the weeks to come. Michael Rapp is back with his Holiday gem in “Christmas Is For Kids” (Stage Too) & radio just loves it all over again. Newcomer John Ratliff is getting massive support for his new single entitled “U” (Ind). He’s a super guy and we could not be more thrilled for all of the support he is getting at radio.

Chuck Murphy continues his winning ways as his debut single “How Many Times” (One West) reaches new heights. The band Abuss is also killing it out there at radio with their amazing “Poor Days” (Daybreak). If you like this one, just wait until you hear the follow-up.  Brandy Moss Scott is setting records all over with her “Bye, Bye, Baby” (Heavenly Tunes).  I’ll have more for you on the AC hits next time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!