Big Music At Top40

Camila Cabello is back with yet another gem at the format. “Consequences” (Syco/Epic) is receiving big time raves from our panel of music and program directors and that tells us that she appears to have another #1 on her hands in the very near future. Simon Cowell you must be a very happy man these days. DJ Snake has teamed up with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B for a real solid monster anthem. “Taki Taki” (DJ Snake/Geffen/Interscope) is the one that is taking the radio world by storm. Watch for some rather big weeks ahead for this jam and expect this one to close out our entire panel in record time.

Post Malone has joined forces with Swae Lee for another radio winner. Top40 stations here and around the USA are raving about the new “Sunflower” (Universal/UMG) single. Also getting a lot of support is recording artist AJ Mitchell. The track “Girls” (Epic) is really making some rather big waves so all looks good for this one. Gryffin & Elley Duhe appear to have a winner on their hands. “Tie Me Down” (Darkroom/Geffen) is their new offering and I would make some room on your playlist for this amazing entry.

Drake has magically teamed up with Michael Jackson for some memorable moments.  “Don’t Matter To Me” (Republic) is the jam that is picking up major support from coast to coast. The always multi-talented Alessia Cara is on the fast track to another chart-topping hit single. “Trust My Lonely” (Def Jam/UMG) is really excellent and could just be one of her best to date. Please give this one a few spins around the block.  Khalid continues to work his magic at Top40 and make no mistake about that. “Better” (Right Hand Music Group/RCA) is the one that I’m talking about and what a super Best of 2018 this recording artist has had. Big things are coming for him during award season.

Bad Bunny is getting a big of help with the always deadly and powerful Drake. “MIA” (OVO Sound/WB) is really quite an excellent offering and make some room for this gem. The pairing of Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper has become quite something. “Shallow” (Interscope) taken from the latest re-make of “A Star Is Born” is quite the gem and with the film continuing strong you can bet that there will be some huge weeks ahead for this song and the movie as well.

HoneyChrome is off like a rocket and make no mistake about that. “Boomerang” (FutureHip) is the jam that is on the move and watch for this to explode in the coming weeks. Tim Mahoney is also getting much love from the radio world. “I’m The Only One” (Ind) is the track that appears to be building by leaps and bounds. I’m also happy to see that Ben Green is getting the attention he deserves. “High Notes” (Ind) is building spins and this one should be a must add to be sure.

The music superstar paring of Silk City with Dua Lipa, Diplo & Mark Ronson is really on fire. “Electricity” (Columbia) is on its way to becoming a pop anthem so make sure you give that a fair run. The Labrinth, Sia & Diplo pairing is also blowing out the numbers. You have to love this “Thunderclouds” (Records/Columbia) track. Ariana Grande continues to get raves for her new “Breathin” (Republic) single. Anne Marie is also feeling the love as her “2002” (Atlantic) pulls past the pack.

Royalush is killing it at Top40 with their stellar “Complicated” (High School). Modern Hype is totally “on fire” as their new single “Sniper” (Jaded) is building huge numbers at the format.  Garrett Young continues to have a “best of year as his “My Friend” (West Coast Collective) pulls more magical numbers. Al & Trey are also rocking strong with “And Now I Know” (Tide Productions). Dianne Meinke also leads the pack with “Read My Mind” (UVI) & Devi has done a masterful job with “Summer Love” (Independent). I’ll have more for you next time right here.