Celine Dion: We are set for a Summer of female hits

The Backstreet Boys are back at radio and that’s always a welcome sight at the AC40 format. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (RCA/RLG) is the one that is setting the music world on fire. With the boys back on the radio for the Summer of 2018, having this single out and about is just what they need to get back into this. The teaming of the always interesting  Ocean Park Standoff and Lil Yachty are reaping big time rewards and make no mistake about that. “If You Were Mine” (Hollywood) is getting raves from our panel of music and program directors, an early signal that there is something special going on here.

The young and talented Bazzi has a good thing going. A recent transplant to Southern California, this up and coming artist is taking his debut single “Mine” (APG/Atlantic) out for a spin and so far so very good. His father came out to the West Coast with him and has been keeping a watchful eye out to the ways of Hollywood. Train has joined forces with Cam & Travie McCoy for quite the offering. “Call Me Sir” (Columbia) is the jam that is really pulling in some rather strong numbers. You may need to save some room for this one.

Christina Aguilera is out and about at the format with a new single. “Twice” (RCA/RLG) is the one from her that is really taking off. I hope to see more of you come on board for this really terrific track. Selena Gomez is also pulling in some rather impressive numbers for her latest track. “Back To You” (Interscope) is Selena at her very best and this one is really no exception. If this isn’t enough girl power, add Celine Dion to the mix and as her new single “Ashes” (Columbia) takes flight, we are set for a Summer of female hits.

Maroon 5 are getting set for the Summer of 2-018. “Girls Like You” (222/Interscope) is their new jam and watch for some big weeks ahead for this one. Also picking up some rather stellar support is the young and ever so talented Sabrina Carpenter. Her new song entitled “Almost Love” (Hollywood) is one of her best and with a little luck she may be able to take this one home. We will see how this all plays out in the coming weeks.

Newcomer Daniel Grinberg has teamed up with vocalist Yoav Arbel for a very strong debut. “Thanks” (Green Tone) is the release that is pulling in some rather amazing “most added” action. This is a really great song and watch for some big weeks ahead for this new fast rising track. Niall Horan continues to make some solid moves at the format. Many of our programmers are raving about “On The Loose” (Capitol) and for good reason, this single is a solid gem from this former One Direction star.

Mateo Luka is taking the radio world by storm with the new single “Castaway” (TCI). This monster single is “on fire” here and at Top40 signaling a very strong cross-over hit. You can expect some bigger weeks ahead for the fabulous Mateo Luka. AJR has teamed up with Rivers Cuomo for “Sober Up” (S Curve/EMI) that deserves some attention. Also pulling in some rather impressive numbers is the always fabulous Eileen Carey. Her new “That Town” (Rolley Coaster) is really the “talk of the town” and watch from huge weeks ahead for Eileen. Also getting raves are the Swansons as “Move Forward” (Listen Again Music) takes flight.

Rebecca Angel is getting much love for the single “What We Had” (Timeless Grooves). Recording artist Jon Stancer is also set for the season with “Now That Summer Is Gone” (Ind).  Rebel Hearts are also back with “Hero’s” (RHR).  Recording artist Devi is on the move with a new single “Bad Boy” that is simply out of this world. Garrett Young, a recent NMA winner has a huge hit on his hands with “My Oh My” (West Coast Collective) and what a great run he has had.

John Ratliff and his band Receptacle also recent NMA award winners have amazed us all with their monster single “My Dear”. NMA winners Al & Trey also have a huge crossover hit with “Kings And Queens” (Tide Productions). Barley Station and their debut single “Younger Summer Memories” are on fire & their pal Dianne Meinke has taken “I’ll Be Here Waiting” (UVI Media Group) to #1. More next time right here.