Top40 Summer

Ariana Grande continues to build her fortunes at the Top40 format. Her latest “Into You” (Republic/Universal) is getting raves from our panel of music and program directors. Watch for some big weeks ahead for this gem. Recording artist Kiiara is turning music into gold. It’s all due to her “Gold” (Atlantic) track that has all the making of a solid debut hit. I’d get on this if I were you as you don’t want to be the last on board a big hit. Recording artist Lukas Graham has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. His new “Mama Said” (WB/WEA) proves that he’s no “one hit wonder” and this new track should go a long way in helping to build is future at radio.

Shawn Mendes is one of the fastest rising young stars on the music planet today. His new “Treat You Better” (Island) puts him well ahead of the pack and watch for some big weeks and months ahead for Shawn to come. Another young upstart that is really getting raves from everybody at radio is Jordan Fisher. His debut single “All About Us” (Hollywood) is the talk of the town and that has to make Scot Finck over at Hollywood Records a very happy camper. Tory Lanez has a good thing going and he wants the rest of the world to know it. His new “Luv” (Interscope) track is one of the best from him to date so give that a spin around the block and you will not be disappointed.

Drake has teamed up with his new best friend Future for a solid winning combination. Together they are taking the single “Grammys” (Cash Money/Young Money/Universal) out for a spin and I’m sure the results will be spectacular. The recent pairing of Coldplay and  Beyonce for the special mix of “Hymn For The Weekend” (Parlophone/Atlantic) is really turning into something special and many programmers are signing their praises. I also love the new single from Kool Kat. They are taking the song “Necessary Groove” (Voice Inside) out for a spin and so far so very good for them.

Kanye West is back at radio and that always makes for some fun times. His new “Father Stretch My Hands” (DefJam/IDJMG) is a bit of a departure for him but he wears it well. We will see how this all pans out for him in the weeks to come. I’m also happy to report that the band DNCE will no longer be listed as a “one hit wonder”. They took care of that syndrome with the single “Toothbrush” (Republic). It’s another super catchy bit and when you add a Jonas Brother to the mix you just can’t go wrong.  Rihanna has a couple of singles out at radio and I’m always confused on the thinking from the label. “Needed Me” (Roc Nation/Universal) is the primary single but I just saw that they have released “Sledgehammer” as well so let’s try to confuse radio as much as possible here guys.

The 1975 are rocking the radio world and make no mistake about that. “The Sound” (Interscope) is the jam of the Summer so get on to that program please. Daya continues to please us with great music. Her “Sit Still, Look Pretty” (Z Entertainment) shows us just why this artist is so red hot. I’m also happy to report that the indie band Lion In The Mane are showing some amazing progress. Their “Can’t Get Enough” (Ind) is so hot that you can barely touch it. So then just play it ok?!

Newcomer Dianne Meinke has been having a solid run with her new “Ten Thousand More” (UVI).  Jimmy White is back on track with “Michaela” (828) and there’s talk of a follow-up.  Brandy Moss Scott is taking no prisoners as her “Oh How It Hurts” (Heavenly Tunes) moves to the top.

John Ratliff and his band Receptacle are on fire with “Oh My”. Mr Mister Wilson is moving up with “What Will Tomorrow Bring” (Star Outreach) and Thadeus Project are breaking with “Hold On” (TRP). This is our very special Summer Issue and so many of these artists deserve your continued support and help. Check out the Top40 charts to see what we’re all so excited about. I’ll have more about the best Top40 songs of all time right here for our very next issue.  For now stay cool and enjoy the biggest hits in the USA for the grand and amazing Summer of 2016.