Summer Music Fan

Whenever we look back somehow we always seem to remember the “songs of Summer”.  Our musical journey always puts this time of year in a very important place. It also represents the time of year for live performances and events that can happen best when the weather is just perfect for an open air venue or even a free concert in the park. As we combine these elements with great radio songs, it can all lead to a very special time to remember, especially when you include loved ones, family and friends.

The smarter recording artists and bands always lean towards this time of year to generate income and radio activity. Many radio stations offer special summer events both paid and free in order to help them beat the guy across town in the ratings war. Younger bands use this time to get out and about and travel to various parts of the country for events and the like as they can count on good weather to help take them where they desire to travel.

From back in the day to songs like “Hot Fun In the Summertime” by Sly and the Family stone to classics from “Summer In the City” to “Saturday In the Park” by Chicago, songs of this nature are still played today in a gold re-current category as many sound just as good today as they did when they were first released.  The production value on many of these classic masterpieces are second to none and reflect back to a time when record production was treated like a serious profession unlike in today’s music where many are produced by people that hang out in the clubs and become producers overnight because they know how to hang with the major label guys and use more hype than actual talent.

Many radio programmers this time of year like that up-tempo record to open up their music sets. As much as tempo may play an important part of programming this time of year and beyond some artists may choose to think the opposite. That may mean releasing a power ballad or some softer type of track to stay away from the pounding competition. Going back in time there have always been ballads of this nature that also make for great summer music and for artists that make a smart choice like that, it could lead to a real winner that’s finds an open slot in a programmer’s music diary.

This might also be the time to plan for next Summer if you are a recording artist or band. We have received an overwhelming amount of requests for product and giveaway materials from radio stations, music and program directors for their local Summer events. Many like to provide something for their listeners that may include a visit from an upstart artist or band to provide free goods or a concert for the radio station. This in turn helps the act get more airplay in the region and it may also flush the station across town to play the artists music as well. Nobody in a market wants to feel left out of some breaking music act and this might be the best plan for getting your program started.

New Music Weekly has once again stepped to the plate to provide this very special Summer issue. You will find many artists, especially new ones running some display ads in this edition. They know the power of radio and realize how important it is to capture the attention of radio stations and their programmers. Many times we would not push artists to release singles during this time of year but fortunately for them there are not a lot of great summer songs out there at this time. Looking at the way singles are being released this might end up being a very late summer music scene.

To see just how strong the independent music situation is this Summer, all you have to do is look through our music charts. There are a number of new singles by both established and new artists that are finding a lot at radio. These artists seem to have found the wave for breaking music during this popular music time of year. We applaud them for “taking the plunge” and we are only too happy to be able to report their ongoing successful venture.   Many will look back at the Summer of 2016 as a very special “Summer To Remember”.