The biggest pairing we’ve seen to date at Top40 radio involves quite the massive pop crew. Case in point is DJ Khaled with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne, Together they join forces for the single “I’m The One” (Epic) and if proof and power in numbers mean anything they are sure displaying all of that and more with this monster radio hit. The pairing of DNCE and Nicki Minaj is bringing about much cheer from radio.  “Kissing Strangers” (Republic/Universal) is the jam that I’m talking about and this one appears to have all the legs and spins it needs to break some bigger chart action.

Chris Brown is back at the format and that could mean trouble. Regardless of his past, many of our music and program directors are singing the praises of the new “Privacy” (RCA/RLG) track. Halsey is building vast fortunes at radio. The new “Now Or Never” (Astralwerks/Capitol) is the talk of the town and watch for some big weeks ahead for this gem. Lady Gaga has picked up quite a bit of steam as of late. Always a solid fighter she’s taking “The Cure” (Streamline/Interscope) out for a spin at the format and so far this one appears to be well on its way to bigger and better things.

Shawn Mendes is as hot as any young recording artist out there today. From You Tube star to radio his new “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (Island/UMG) is just what every radio programmer needs. Niall Horan is also making the most of his new solo fame and fortune. He wears it quite well as his new “Slow Hands” (Capitol) takes flight. Train has a new single out and about that seems to be getting raves. “Drink Up” (Columbia) is their latest festive release that appears to be pulling in some rather strong early spin action. You may want to spend a little more time with this one for sure.

French Montana has joined forces with a few newcomers and is taking the new single  “Unforgettable” (Bad Boy Entertainment/Epic) out for a spin. Hailee Steinfeld also has a new single out and about that deserves your attention. “Most Girls” (Republic/Universal) is the latest from this singer/actress and all around young business women. We’ll see how it all plays out for her in the coming weeks but so far so very good for the rising star.

Katy Perry is taking her new best friend Migos out for a chart blitz and it appears to be working for her. “Bon Appetite” (Capitol) is the new jam and this one is pulling some crazy numbers in the very early stages which is an indicator that something very special is about to happen. Something very special is also happening for newcomer
Garrett Young. His debut single  “Do You Hear My Cries” (West Coast Collective) has had strong week after week action and that is a true indicator that this young and extremely talented newcomer is on his way. As this is a very special Indie Artists issue, all you have to do is take a look at this week’s charts from AC40 to Top40 to know what it’s all about.

The pairing of Linkin Park with Kiiara has been a solid winner. “Heavy” (WB/WEA) is the jam that is quietly sneaking past everyone so be on the watch for that one. Maroon 5 has teamed up with Future for what is really pure magic. “Cold” (Interscope) is the duet that is bringing cheers to all the boys and girls. Recording artist Kenneth Roy is back and it and make no mistake about that. His  new  “Let Your Love Come Down” (Physico) is off like a rocket and there is more to come. John Ratliff and his band mates Receptacle are having a solid run with “Love Is Magic” (Ind). Get ready as they are set to cross from AC40 to Top40 in the coming weeks and that should be impressive.

The Lane Project are making bold moves at the format. “Any News For Me?” (Violet) is an extremely impressive debut and watch for some even bigger weeks ahead for this talented music project. Dianne Meinke continues her winning ways and make no mistake about that. Her current “Secret Lover” single is set to hit the top at AC40 and the same will no doubt repeat at this format. Again, this is our special Indie Artists issue and please take a look at some of the stellar independent artists and bands that are breaking fast right here on the charts and pages of New Music Weekly.