Charlie Puth is back with a great single for AC radio and that’s always welcome news at the format. “Attention” (Artist Partners/Atlantic) is a nice cutting edge track for Charlie and he’s been making the rounds on the national media scene to help push the song across the finish line. We’ll be able to see how that all plays out for him in the coming weeks. One of his idols in John Mayer is also out and about at AC radio. His new single entitled “Still Feel Like Your Man” (Columbia/Sony) is pure John through and through. The real question is can John Mayer keep the support he once had from music and program directors alike. We’ll know the answer to that question sooner than later.

Julia Brennan has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. The single “Inner Demons” (Columbia) continues to win the hearts and minds of many in the music industry and our panel of music and program directors just love it. I’m also happy to report that the young and uber-talented Shawn Mendes has released yet another gem for all the boys and girls. “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (Island/UMG) is yet another single with massive potential. Shawn has really locked himself in as a must add artist and it appears that everything he’s released so far has moved to the top of the charts.

Train has a new single at the format and that’s always good solid news. “Drink Up” (Columbia) is the jam that appears to be working at radio and in a very big way. This band has a solid legion of fans that always serve them well so this should be a no brainer for a programming slot. Also getting out-of-the-box raves is the latest offering from Katy Perry. This time out she’s taking recording artist Migos out for some additional support and that is helping to launch the track “Bon Appetite” (Capitol) in a very big way. Watch for some even bigger weeks ahead for this magical pairing to be sure.

The Lane Project are taking the music world by storm.  “Any News For Me?” (Violet) Is the debut single that has spent a great number of weeks high atop the “most added” columns at AC radio. The track is now crossing over to Top40 which is an indicator that is has mass appeal. Watch for some even bigger things to come for the Lane Project to be sure. Lady Gaga is back at radio with yet another excellent offering. The Cure” (Streamline/Interscope) finds her at her very best and as she appears to be finally be back on track there is room to move for this talented icon.

Ed Sheeran has released another masterpiece at radio and I believe it’s one of his best. “Castle On The Hill” (Atlantic) is quite a story song and the only thing that could get in its way is the fact that is last single was such a monster that he now appears to be competing with himself. Renee Zawawi is back at the format with another gem. This time out she’s taken on the classic “Smooth Operator” (Pop Star/PSP) out for a spin and the results are quite amazing. Bruce Blackman is building his fortunes at radio. “Is That Your Yacht” (Starbuck) is the one to watch and listen to all at the same time.

Newcomer Garrett Young has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. His debut single “Do You Hear My Cries” (West Coast Collective) is brilliant and radio is loving this entry big time. It’s also crossing over to Top40 and that tells you all  you really need to know. Morgan Heritage and DreZion are making magic as they take the very new “Reggae Night” (CTBC Music Group/Empire) to even greater heights.  Niall Horan is back with one of his best to date. “Slow Hands” (Capitol) is another masterpiece from the former boy band member now turned into a real recording artist.

Dianne Meinke continues to amaze at the format. Her current smash hit single in “Secret Lover” continues to build spins by leaps and bounds as it hits #1. John Ratliff has teamed up with his band mates Receptacle for a real winner. “Love Is Magic” has had solid success week after week and this one could just go all the way. This is our very special Indie Artist Issue. Please take your time to check out all of the independent artists and bands that are making massive progress on our charts. We wish them all continued success.