Top40 Ready For New Pants

Ariana Grande is most certainly one of the best female vocalists to dominate Top40 radio in quite some time. Her talents are on display once more as the new “One Last Time” (Motown/UMG) picks up a good number of early believers. Her recent performance at this year’s Grammy Awards also helped to build her fast rising stock. Maroon 5 can’t seem to do anything wrong these days. Just when we thought we’ve heard it all from them, they send out the single “Sugar” (222/Interscope) and again they surprise us with a brilliant offering. One of our new favorite bands in Echosmith is carving out quite the name for themselves. Their latest and greatest in “Bright” (WB/WEA)  should serve them well.  It’s already getting raves from many of our program directors and that’s a very good sign.

The pairing of Rihanna with Kanye West joined by the all-time music legend Paul McCartney has really turned into something special. The new team’s release of “Forty Five Seconds” (DefJam) is the surprise of 2015 so far and radio programmers from coast to coast and multi-formats are all over this one big time. I personally love the song and it will be interesting to see just how high this single travels up the charts. Kelly Clarkson delivers one of her best singles to date. “Heartbeat Song” (RCA/RLG) has all the makings of a solid #1 single and she’s no doubt making her American Idol family very happy.

Sam Smith is on a role so don’t even try to stop him. His latest in “Lay Me Down” (Capitol) continues to cement him as an all-time favorite male vocalist. He’s becoming the new Elton John with the looks of Boy George but it all seems to be working. It’s no real surprise that he swept this year’s Grammy Awards and even though he skipped all of the after parties in favor of hamburgers with his pals, he can pretty much call his own shots from now on. Sam’s new best friend in Taylor Swift is also doing quite well for herself. The latest from Taylor is “Style” (Big Machine/Universal) and it pulls her far past the pack of any solo artists on the music planet.

Jessie J has to be another find as a strong female vocalist. She shows it off a little bit more in her latest gem “Masterpiece” (Republic). Jessie has all the makings of a long lasting recording artist and so far so very good. It’s great to have Madonna back at the format. Her new “Living For Love” (Interscope) is quite a strong single and it will be interesting to see how radio embraces this one in the coming weeks. She had a huge platform at this year’s Grammy Awards and I’m not sure if it was that impactful but time will tell.

Recording artist Brandy Moss Scott is having quite the run with her new single. “Bye Bye Baby” (Heavenly Tunes) is a very strong track and it’s had some rather stellar numbers week after week. Also making some music history of their own is the British band called  Tierra Blanca. Their debut single “Always My Woman” (Right) is striking all the right chords at radio and for good reasons – it’s an excellent first single. Bill Curreri is showing them how it’s done. His latest in “Fade Away” (Ind) the follow-up to “Son Of An American Dream” is so strong that you can’t get the chorus out of your head.

The band G2P is getting rave reviews from coast to coast. It’s all due to their very strong debut single entitled “Walk Away” (Orion Project). The band is from Tampa Florida but will no doubt be visiting a town nearest you this Summer.  Flaunt has teamed up with the multi-talented vocalist Justin Jennings for another masterpiece. “Have I Made My Point” (Anticodon) is super great and our music and program directors are all over this one.

Solo artist and songwriter/producer Jim Vierra has a huge hit single on his hands.
“Hopeful Eyes” (Fifty Something) is the first one out from this brilliant artist and more good things are set to come his way. Holiboiz featuring wiz-kid genius Yosef has a good thing going. Their new “Take Me To Temple” (Studio) is one of the best out there at radio.