Andy Grammer is back at the AC40 and that’s always a good thing. He’s getting raves from our panel of music and program director’s  for the single “Honey, I’m Good”
(S Curve/EMI).  It’s actually one of his best tracks to date so we’ll see how it all plays out for him in the coming weeks.  Echosmith have a very good follow-up to their smash hit “Cool Kids”. This time they take the single “Bright” (WB/WEA) out for a spin and this one could take them out of the “one hit wonder” category. This band of siblings have been all over television as of late promoting the new single and a tour is also set that could pull in some rather impressive numbers for this young and talented outfit.

Kid Rock is back at the format and make no mistake about that. He’s rocking strong and powerful with “First Kiss” (WB/WEA) and radio seems rather pumped up about this one.
Taylor Swift is still as hot as any artist on the planet these days and even though she didn’t pull in much Grammy Award wins that hasn’t stopped her new “Style” (Big Machine/Universal) single one bit. Looks like another grand and amazing year for the still young yet powerful Taylor Swift.

The pairing of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars has turned into something quite brilliant. Even though Mark had to follow Bruno all over the world to get the record done it appears that their “Uptown Funk” (Columbia) is fast becoming a pop anthem. Ed Sheeran continues his winning ways as “Thinking Out Loud” (Asylum/WB) moves to the top of every programmers playlist.  Are you all ready for the Young Rising Sons? They are taking off at radio in a big way as their debut single “High” (Dirty Canvas/Interscope) takes flight. Please remember that you heard about them first right here on the pages of New Music Weekly.

The Babys are back and that means more fun at the format. “I See You There” (Ind) is the cut that many of you are loving big time. This time out they may be on a small independent label but that means nothing these days. Speaking of indie labels, newcomer   Jim Vierra is making the most of his career as his debut single. “Hopeful Eyes” (Fifty Something) kicked off in a very big way. The single has ranked at the top of the “most added” list for the past few weeks and now it’s making a strong climb up the charts. Tierra Blanca is an independent band that is making a big name for themselves.  This British gang is killing it at the format with their debut single “Always My Woman” (Right) and for good reason – it’s a powerhouse smash.

Recording artist George Ezra is pulling in some praise at radio. Everybody is raving about his new “Budapest” (Columbia) track. It’s an excellent single and could be well worth your time and attention. Holiboiz featuring the young and talented Yosef  is one of the best tracks at radio. “Take Me To Temple” (Studio Records) is a little play off on the Hozier single and this one needs to be on your list.

Mirage Box is taking radio by storm. Their debut single “Juarez” (Growlyman Endeavors) is nothing short of brilliant, and our programmers are all over this gem.  Rising star    D`Shawn Eatmon is one fire with his debut “Forever Loved” (Life Track). Bill Curreri is making magic as his new “Fade Away” (Ind) pulls in bigger numbers. Flaunt featuring
Justin Jennings are also getting raves for their “Have I Made My Point” (Anticodon).

The band G2P also on the moves as their debut “Walk Away” (Orion Project) moves towards the top. Brandy Moss Scott is taking charge again as her “Bye Bye Baby” (Heavenly Tunes) moves to the top and Matt Backer continues his #1 ways with “Histrionic Narcissist Blues”. Ariana Hodes also deserves kudos for her “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” (Ocala/Big Round) single. Meninos Morumbi featuring Julian Lennon is also closing in on the top spot with “Summertime” (Music Is Hope).  I’ll have more for you next time right here.