There is no time better for music than the Summertime. Ever since we can remember our music of the past, no songs stick into our brain more than the songs during this time of year. Whether it’s in the car for the long vacation drives or at an outdoor concert venue or even a grand State fair, music seems to become such an important thing in our lives. Even walking down the long and winding beach you can hear the sounds of music in the air and this summer is just as strong for great music. Not only is the music coming from major artists and bands but also from independent artists and bands as well. This gives is all such a level playing field & makes for far better radio programming.

Throughout this issue and on many of our music charts you can see many of the songs that are making music history during the Summer of 2018. Regardless of what we do in the future and what has happened in the past, we can capture this period in time for some rather historical memories. We will take some time in this issue through our various music columns to underscore and highlight many of the artists, songs and labels that have made some serious progress during this most musical time of year & we’re happy for all.

This is the time when music acts take their show “on the road”. From Top40 artists to Country, the road is filled with the busses and vans that drive the highways across the USA to provide live music entertainment. With the many changes that have affected our industry, it is the time now more than ever that acts get their fair share of the music pie in order to continue to work their craft. From out-door venues, fairs, stadiums to small clubs and bars, this is the time of year that artists get to do their thing and move from the isolation of the recording studio out to meet the fans that download and buy their music.

While some artists and bands started early to get their Summer Hits in place, there are a good many latecomers still trying to cash in on the Summer of 2018. Just this week alone DJ Khaled and this pals Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo released the future music anthem “No Brainer” (We The Best/Epic)to radio. It appears that they got this out just in time to get a Summer Hit moving up the music charts. This is also the time for many of the upstarts to get their story started. Nobody is doing it better than Lovelytheband as their debut single “Broken” (Another Century/Sony) takes flight in a big way.

Super music stars from the current touring Justin Timberlake who is also taking his “Soulmate” (RCA/RLG) out for a ride, to Taylor Swift who enjoys the biggest box office numbers for the Summer of 2018 are on the move. Her current single “Delicate” (Big Machine/Universal) is enjoying #1 status from Top40 to Hot AC and that makes sure that all the tickets in the house are locked down for sellout status. Even Toby Keith is back on the road this summer with a host of Country greats getting in on the action and packing the houses from coast to coast. Make no mistake about it, Country is rocking strong this time of year & the numbers should be extremely strong at the end of all this.

With the weather being hot yet fine from coast to coast, and as the numbers are not already in so far in the live music arena, you can bet that the totals will be off the charts. Many independent artists and bands are also making music headlines and hitting the road. If you are one of them that are getting a late start, it might be time to make plans for next summer to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row and plan accordingly.

New Music Weekly continues to offer the very best “tools of the trade” for helping to take major label and independent artists and bands up the music charts. Please take a look at some of the display ads that are featured in this issue as these artists have gone the extra mile to get your support and needed attention. With award season just around the corner, artists and bands that are hitting it hard on our music charts now will no doubt be contenders when that time of year comes along. All of us here at New Music Weekly wish you and you’re the very best Summer of 2018. Keep supporting great music!