Spring Into AC40

Taylor Swift continues to rock the format with hit Taylor Swift continues to rock the format hit after hit. Now she’s taking the single “New Romantics” (Big Machine/Universal) out for a drive and the results are as good as usual for her. You can expect another #1 from her with this strong commercial track. Also getting in on the big chart action is DNCE. Their smash “Cake By The Ocean” (Republic) should help to keep them busy with lots of Summer concerts and a Jonas brother to add to all of the excitement. Ruth B has a good thing going and the world of music is very pumped up. “Lost Boy” (Columbia) is the new gem that is getting lots of respect from our panel of music and program directors so what are you waiting for?

Daughtry is back at radio and as the final season of American Idol is upon us it’s only appropriate that the band and the artist get in on the action. “Torches” (RCA/RLG) is the jam from them and this one has some great promise. And speaking of “Idol”, their first born in Kelly Clarkson is also taking advantage of an historic situation. Her new “Piece By Piece” (RCA/RLG) is picking up action from Hot AC to Top40 and everybody seems to be on board with this offering. It’s all about timing and this could not be a better one.

The fabulous X Ambassadors are breaking down the walls of radio programming in a very big way. “Unsteady” (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope) is their latest and greatest and this is one single you can’t get out of your head. Recording artist Leslie Becker is getting much love at the format from our panel. “Slow Burn” (AP Music) is a new one that you should be spending some time on. Also getting lots of love and support out there is one of my favorites in Cheap Trick. Newly embraced by Scott Borchetta and his Big Machine (and I do mean Big), “When I Wake Up Tomorrow” (Big Machine/Universal) puts them back on the map and what a great treat to have them back at radio.

Santana is also back at radio and that is always a welcome name to be sure. This time out he has “Anywhere You Want To Go” (Santana IV/Thirty Tigers) and he too might be looking at the Summer of 2016 for a new big US tour. Justin Bieber is getting some real support out there and I have to admit he is delivering the goods big time.  “Love Yourself” (RBMG/DefJam/UMG) is another one that is fast becoming a radio anthem. Whether you like him or not, the kid is an amazing talent and seems to be getting it together.

Ellie Goulding most certainly has it together and displays it well with “Something In The Way You Move” (Interscope). Robin Schulz has teamed up with Francesco Yates for a blockbuster that they call “Sugar” (Tonspiel/Atlantic) and the results are ever so powerful. The new Borns are also raking it in with “Electric Love” (Interscope). Newcomer Rob Gillette is also on fire with “What I Know Now” (Soul Stew).

Jimmy White is back and getting lots of love from radio with his “Michaela” (828) that is the perfect Spring into Summer song.  The KAJ Brothers are making it look too easy.
Big NMA winners Mirage Box are also building their fortunes at radio. Everybody is really loving their “Secret Smile” (Growlyman Endeavors) single and for good reason. It’s an excellent song especially for the Spring.  Newcomer Victor Solomon is also rocking the charts strong with his debit single “I’m Not Your Boyfriend” (Ind). You have to just love him.

Chuck Murphy wrote a tribute song to the late Glenn Frey called “Falling Star” (One West) and we are happy to report that radio loves it big time. Airy Jeanine continues her winning ways as the single “Do You” (Kmina Entertainment) moves towards the top. John Ratliff is heading to the top with his ever popular “U” single.  Michael Stosic is also on fire with  “Welcome Home” (MiSto Music) and this one is excellent. Brandy Moss Scott is breaking fast and furious with “Oh How IT Hurts” (Heavenly Tunes). Young Grace Craichy shines with “Fly Me To The Moon” (Living Fuel) & make no mistake about that. Dianne Meinke is getting raves and big spins for her “Ten Thousand More” (UVI) single and this one is set to go all the way. I’ll have more for you on big AC Hits next time right here. I’d also like to send a big congrats to all of our New Music Award winners!