Big Nashville Events & New Music Awards

Over the past weeks we have been on sort of a double-date going over this year’s big time CRS (Country Radio Seminar) and our own main event in the annual NMAs. It’s safe to say that both finally happened with few casualties and many good times and smiles. It’s not sure why the events collided but the time-line for both seemed to be on the same course and the best part about it is there were many winners among the two events. With the Country Radio Seminar singling out many of the radio personalities and stations for their annual event and our own New Music Weekly family awarding many artists, bands, stations, labels, programmers and music industry professionals, there was quite a lot of territory covered when both events came to a close.

We were on sight this year once again in the media room at CRS spending a good deal of time interviewing artists and bands and taking lots of photos. It was strange moving this entire program to a new arena but it did not take too long for everyone to get a grip on the change of venue as things were kept pretty much intact. Buck McCoy did a super job for us meeting with a good many of you in attendance and at this writing there is still much to pour over. As in the many past CRS events, this get-together gives us ample information that we use for an entire year. If we haven’t gotten your name in-print please be patient as we will try to get to all over you in up-coming issues.

Even with a change of venue for the first time in many years, much of the programming remained intact. The many luncheons complete with food, drink and ample talent seemed to be among the many highlights once again this year. Major stars from Tim McGraw to label executive extraordinaire Scott Borchetta were just a few of the major players in attendance this year. We were a bit surprised that even with this starting on a Monday, just how many radio people were actually able to break away and participate. As of the writing we are not sure about their attendance figures but taken that a new weekly schedule was set there were plenty of heavy hitters on hand to make it worth your while.

We recently made the big announcement with regards to our annual New Music Awards and although there was no live event, there is plenty of buzz and music industry coverage with respect to the this year’s list of winners. Ed Sherran, Rachel Platten, Charlie Puth & the new DNCE were among the major artist winners while Joey Canyon, Eileen Carey, Chuck Murphy and the band Mirage Box were among the many independent artists to receive awards. Our publication also awarded many of our stations, radio programmers, record labels and industry professionals.

For several months NMW provided an open ballot which once again allowed subscribers and music fans to participate by their votes on our website. This year we received a record number of votes in multiple categories and it revealed to us just how many are paying attention to what we are doing here. Since the announcement of our winners we have also received any overabundance of love and appreciation from many of our winners and their music fans. Also please keep in mind that even our nominees can consider themselves winners as they were singled out among the many hundreds in contention.

Whether it’s covering the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) or presenting artists and the industry with awards via our annual New Music Awards, we continue to offer to artists, bands and record labels the “tools of the trade”.  When you take into consideration our tracking and song services and advertising opportunities to reach the masses with your music, NMW is quite possibly the most important vehicle in helping the launch new artists. From the outset it was all about helping to “level the playing field” and we are thrilled that we have been able to accomplish this and we do so each and every week via our music charts. We’d like to take this time to congratulate all of our winners for this year’s New Music Awards & please continue to join us in this on-going “New Music Revolution”.