Kelsea Ballerini appears to be the darling of Country radio these days. She has a new single out and about entitled “Legends” (Black River Entertainment) that should keep her above the pack. She also appears in a national commercial that gets lots of play. Luke Combs is building his fortunes at Country radio and make no mistake about that. His “When It Rains It Pours” (River House Artists/Columbia Nashville) will no doubt take him even higher into the Country music arena. Watch for some big weeks ahead for this masterpiece as Luke continues to build strong at radio.

Shania Twain is back at the format and that’s always a welcome event. Her latest single in “Life’s About To Get Good” (Mercury Nashville) is really as “good as it gets” and we wish her a safe and sound return to the jungle. Little Big Town continues to build their fortunes at Country radio. “When Someone Stops Loving You” (Capitol Nashville) is the latest from this super talented outfit and a good many of our music and program directors agree.
It’s always great to see Gary Allan back at radio as “Mess Me Up” (EMI Nashville) builds.

Kenny Chesney continues to be the king of Country and make no mistake about that fact. He’s got “All The Pretty Girls” (Columbia Nashville) out and about and Summer would not be complete without a cool jam from Kenny. Lee Brice continues to amaze us with his endless talent. “Boy” (Curb) is the latest and greatest from him and what a great track.  Granger Smith is also building fans by leaps and bounds. His latest release in the ever strong “Happens Like That” (Wheelhouse) picks him up an extra few notches.

DK Davis is back at Country radio and that’s always a welcome sight. This former New Music Weekly Award winner and top-notch performer takes his new “Born To Be Blue” (Route 66) out for a spin and the results are quite exciting. It’s great to have DK Davis back at radio.  Recording artist DA Cole is building quite the name for himself at Country.  “Comin’ Home To Country” (Durango Music) is the latest from DA and it comes to us from the always brilliant James Williams so keep your eyes and ears wide open for this one. Once you give it a listen you just want to hear it more and more.

Brad Paisley is always finding new ways to excite the format. His new and adventurous  “Last Time For Everything” (Arista Nashville) does the trick and more. Jake Owen is getting set for Summer as his new “Cowboy’s Blessing” picks up a few. Susanna Rich has a good thing going and she wants the Country world to know all about it.  “I’m Enough” (Ind) is all you really need. Nu Blu continues to warm the hearts and minds of radio programmers from coast to coast. “A Fool And Her Heart” (Voxhall) is the jam that is making it happen.

Cody Johnson is keeping the heat on the competition. “Wild As You” (Cojo Music) is the single that many of you can’t seem to stop talking about. You may want to spend a little more time on this one. Recording artist Tony Watson is also getting raves from our ever brilliant panel. “Lady Is My Own” (Star 1) is his latest and this one deserves your immediate love and attention. We’re big here on supporting the Indie artists as you know
so make sure to put this one in for a few spins around the block.

Eileen Carey is back at the format and is really kicking up some dust here. Her latest is in the form of the master gem “Good Bad Girl” (Rolley Coaster) now #1!  Make sure you move this one up a few notches as it holds at the top of our Country charts. Don Faires continues to rock on as his new and powerful “Evangeline” (Hologram) takes flight.

Al & Trey have made quite the name for themselves at the format. “Anyway” (Tide Productions) is the debut single from this powerhouse duo. It’s closing in on the top spot of both our Country Top50 and Indie chart so a major congrats goes out to them.  It’s Summer in Nashville so come see me over at Legends Corner for a drink and a song or two. I’ll have more for you on the greatest Country hits in the USA next time right here.

Until then have a Great Summer of 2017 and enjoy all of this great Country music.