Andy Grammer has teamed up with Lunch Money Lewis for a real AC40 winner. “Give Love” (S Curve/EMI) is the single that is getting raves from our panel of music and program directors. You may want to give this one some extra attention. I’m also happy to report that Bruno Mars has yet another winner on his most talented hands. The single   “Versace On The Floor” (Atlantic) is solid from start to finish and you can expect a big fast track for this single all the way to the very top of the AC40 charts to be sure.

Imagine Dragons continue to be one of the best bands out there in radio today. Their current work of art in “Believer” (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope) is as good as anything out there. They continue to deliver top notch music and have become very innovative on promoting their music. In support of their new album the band recently surprised a fan by showing up at his home in Florida to perform a free concert in his living room. Top that?

Lady Gaga may have been down for a moment but she is far from out. Her latest offering in the most memorable “The Cure” (Streamline/Interscope) has mounted a tremendous amount of support from programmers across the USA and in record time. I’m also happy to report that the ever so talented Jennifer Hudson continues to build her fortunes. First brought to us by American Idol, she takes her latest single “Remember Me” (Epic) out for a spin and the results are quite amazing. Give this one some additional attention please.

Newcomer JoAnna Michelle moves into the world of pop radio with the debut of her single “Too Sophisticated” (Twin Angel). It’s already picking up some strong “most added” action along with being a hit on the Billboard Dance charts. Train is also out and about at the format. “Drink Up (Columbia) is their latest and it’s another gem from one of America’s premiere bands. We’ll see how this one plays out in the coming weeks but so far so good.

Ryan Chernin has what could be the Summer song of 2017. His brilliant “Look Right” (Inhuman Records) single picks up a solid number of stations and it’s already charting big time.  Miley Cyrus is back in action and make no mistake about that. “Malibu” (RCA/RLG) is moving fast and furious on the charts from AC40 to Top40 giving this talent another notch in her belt.  Charlie Puth is keeping pace with her as his new single moves past the pack.  “Attention” (Artist Partners/Atlantic) is the jam that is keeping him in the eyes and ears of the entire music industry. This is one talented bloke with a very bright future indeed.

Chuck Murphy has teamed up with his band & Big Coyote for a real Summer hit. Everybody is singing the praises of “Free To Be Free” (One West Music) and that should be of no surprise as this is just another masterpiece for Chuck. Al & Trey continue their bright crossover venture as their debut single “Anyway” (Tide Productions) breaks free. It’s already a solid #1 at Country.

Mathew Ryan is getting a jump on the action as his “Close Your Eyes” (Ind) moves past the crowded field. Eileen Carey is back with another gem. All systems are go as her new and powerful “Good Bad Girl” (Rolley Coaster) blows past the competition. Our old pal and solid music icon Tom Maclear is back with a gem in “Movin’ Back To Texas” (Meg) that you may want to get on sooner than later.

One of our favorites in Kenneth Roy beaks it all down with “Let Your Love Come Down” (Physico). I’m happy to report that John Ratliff and his band mates Receptacle have a super Summer hit single on their hands. “Love Is Magic” (Ind) is the track that continues to get raves from our panel of music and program directors. Good going boys.

The Lane Project are moving to the top with “Any News For Me?” (Violet). Garrett Young is as strong as ever with “Do You Hear My Cries”. Dianne Meinke has had quite the run with  “Secret Lover” and now takes “Lemonade Freshly Squeezed” out for a drive. I’ll have more for you next time right here. Happy Summer 2017!