Indie Country Gives Radio Stations A Fresh Sound

Lady Antebellum are back and in a very big way. Country radio is singing their praises big time as their new “What If I Never Get Over You” (Big Machine) takes flight. Hopefully with the vocal powerhouse being part of the Big Machine, better things could be in store for them. Luke Combs has one of the best titles going into the Summer season. I just love this “Beer Never Broke My Heart” (River House Artists/Columbia Nashville) and I’m so inspired by the song that the first thing I did once I heard it was to buy a twelve pack.

LoCash, a group that we interviewed a few years back at CRS are doing ever so well. So much so that their new “One Big Country Song” (Wheelhouse) is a big favorite among our panel of music and program directors. Also getting much love once again at Country radio is the always fabulous and talented Kip Moore. Many out there are singing the praises of his song “The Bull” (MCA Nashville) and for good reason, it’s just that good. Luke Bryan got quite the boost (as if he needed it) from his American Idol stint as judge and now his single “Knockin’ Boots” (Capitol Nashville) is really kicking A if you know what I mean.

Keith Urban

Keith Urban is on fire once again and that is always a welcome sight for Country radio fans. His new “We Were” (Capitol Nashville) is actually one of his best to date so watch for some solid numbers for this gem in the weeks to come. Blake Shelton is about as hot as any Country artist on the planet and as he wraps up another season of The Voice (NBC) his raging it single “God’s Country” (WB/WEA) moves past the rest towards the top.

With this being our Indie Artists Issue, artists in this arena are doing quite well on the charts of New Music Weekly. Garrett Young moves towards the very top of our Country Top50 with his powerhouse single “Colorado” (West Coast Collective) & a big congrats to him and his amazing family. Eileen Carey is back with a solid gem with the single “Meet Me Halfway” (RolleyCstr Music) that is oh so good. Both of the above artists are recent New Music Weekly award “winners” that will do doubt end up with more to come.

Mason Marek has made the most of his debut single and should be very proud of his accomplishments. “Dr

Lucas Hoge

ifter” (Ind) is the single that has put him “on the map” and what a great run for Mason. Recording artist Ashley Best has proven that he’s the “real deal” as he has taken his debut single “Cowboy” to very big chart positions. Matt Williams is having quite the impressive run as he takes his single “Rain Down Sunshine” (DJ) to greater heights. Rob Georg is also making bold and beautiful moves as his debut with “This Ain’t My First Rodeo” moves to the top. Aaron Goodvin has a winner in “Bars And Churches” (River).

Newcomer Jennifer Porter is carving quite the career for herself at the Country format. “Road To Redemption” (Cougar Moon) is fast becoming a real favorite among our radio programmers and  for good reason, it’s a great song. Lucas Hoge is pulling in some rather impressive numbers of the new and electric “That’ll Be The Day” (Forge Entertainment Group).

Dennis Ledbetter has a new one that appears to have some solid legs in “I’ll Let The Bottle Kill Me Before Your Memory Does” (Saint And Sinner). Matt Dylan has a good thing going as the single “Strong” (Motivated Music Group) takes flight.  Other independents that appear to be making progress include Clay Hollis with the track “Hard Headed Heart” (SchimFlo). Liz Moriondo is making quite a lot of friends as her new  “You Made Me” (Gone Fishing) picks up a number of early believers. Stephen Martines is also a one to watch as the single “Alright” (Nine North) pulls past the pack. I also hear really good things about the Sam Shupak track entitled “Smooth Sailing” (Southern Pine Music). You may want to pay some special attention too this one as you put your list of new currents together.