Indie Artists Find A Home At AC Radio

The pairing of Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber has turned into quite the story at radio. Out of nowhere the track “I Don’t Care” (Atlantic) surfaced and with much fanfare. This will most certainly become a #1 in record time.  Lizzo is creating quite the stir especially among our music and program directors. They are all singing the praises of the track entitled  “Juice” (Nice Life/Atlantic) and for good reason. It’s the perfect track for the format and when we get that kind of response from programmers, we have to take notice.

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is about as hot as a female artist can be and make no mistake about that. Her latest in “Last Hurrah” (WB/WEA) continues to showcase just how strong a talent she really is. From writer to recording artist, Bebe is the complete package and her early catalog tells the tale. Thomas Rhett is making his way to the format and he’s getting a real welcome from radio from coast to coast. “Look What God Gave Her” (Valory Music/Big Machine) is an excellent song that has been killing it at Country and now makes its crossover to this format. Expect big things ahead for this music gem but better than that, “add it”.

Shawn Mendes is off like a rocket with a new entry that everybody seems to love big time. “If I Can’t Have You” (Island/UMG) is the latest from this brilliant young artist. Everything this kid releases seems to do well on the charts from AC to Top40 and this one is no exception. Make sure to get it on your list of hits sooner than later.  Andy Grammer is the perfect artist for the format. He’s out and about with the powerful and super impressive  “Don’t Give Up On Me” (S Curve/EMI) that deserves your immediate attention. Andy is another one of those rare artists that knows what the format wants and delivers it.

Newcomer Jennifer Porter is taking both the Country and AC world by storm. Her debut single in “Road To Redemption” (Cougar Moon) is nothing short of brilliant. All you have to do is look at her current charts stats to know just what we are talking about. Also picking up some rather impressive numbers is recording artist Lora Tucci. Her debut tack in “Firestorm” (TucciTunes) begs for wanting more from this upstart who appears to have the entire package. We’ll see how it all pans out for her but so far so very good.

Eileen Carey is back with one of her best to date. “Meet Me Halfway” (RolleyCstr Music) has really exploded at multi-formats making this former NMA winner the one to watch for the rest of 2019.  Deborah Berg has a good thing going and make no mistake about that.  “You’re Gone” (Star 1) is the gem that is pulling in spins by leaps and bounds. Not far behind her is Chris Brandon who appears to be getting lots of love at radio for the single “Real Love” (CoCo). Jonathan Bradford is also pulling in some rather impressive numbers for the single “Games People Play” (Star 1). You may want to save some room for this one.

Joy Mover has proven to be the “real deal” at radio. This multi-talented songwriter & recording artists is headed to the very top of the charts with her powerful debut single  “Home Sweet Home”. Believe me when I tell you that for her the “best is yet to come”.  Billy F. Otis continues to build is numbers by leaps and bounds. This solid storyteller has it all going his way in “Fantasy Across The Room” (CVB).  Ashley Best is crossing from Country to mainstream with his powerful and impressive “Cowboy”.

Everybody is singing the praises of Gramma Rikki. Her debut single “You” is getting ever so close to the top of the charts and we are all just thrilled to see that. Recording artist Devi has a new single in “Heart Stone” that is so good. Just take a look at the “most added” chart to see what I’m talking about. Garrett Young hits a well-deserved #1 with his brilliant “Colorado”.

A big congrats to this recent NMA winner.  Mason Marek has stepped it up to crossover with the hit single “Drifter”. Matt Williams is also killing it out there with “Rain Down Sunshine” (DJ). Rob Georg, our Indie Cover artist has really taking it to the top with “This Ain’t My First Rodeo”.  If that doesn’t show the power of the independent artist, nothing will. Please support all of the indie artists listed in this column and on our charts. They all so deserve your love and continued support for what they bring to radio.