It’s hard to believe that we are already in the final quarter of the year. This is the race to the finish line for artists, bands & record labels alike to position themselves for the best they have leading into the holiday season. This is now what it’s all about as retailers and on-line music makers and shakers get ready to cash in on what they have accomplished so far in 2018. There is much to be acknowledged as we get closer to wrapping this musical year but the final count is far from over. If you are an artist or band moving up the charts there is still plenty of time to make your mark before the final countdown.

This is also the time of year when we start to look at the up-coming award show season. From the big Grammy Awards to our own New Music Awards all of us are reviewing the best of the year so far and looking at who may be contenders when it comes to the nomination process. Again, there is still plenty of time but after all is said and done, it’s time to really “get busy” and push as hard as you can to get to that finish line with the best numbers you can muster up. From the major label artists to the independents the heat is on and you can feel it in this beautiful Fall air.

Just these few weeks alone over at Pop radio, we saw big time pairings of Silk City, Dua Lipa, Diplo & Mark Ronson light up the charts for a last-minute push for their new “Electricity” (Columbia) release. The current Jason Derulo teaming of David Guetta, Nicki Minaj & Willy William is also getting a solid label launch as their “Goodbye” (Parlophone/WMG) single takes flight.  Music icon superstar  Paul McCartney is even getting in on the action as his new “Come On To Me” (Capitol) hits radio with some amazing reviews.  And the biggest monster pairing of 2018 so far has been the DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo release of “No Brainer” (We The Best/Epic) that is working its way up the Top40 charts.

The final push at Country radio also abounds as artists like Kenny Chesney, who had another banner year, now teams up with Mindy Smith for the chart pounding  “Better Boat” (Blue Chair/WB). Walker Hayes has had a monster breakout year and now takes the single “90’s Country” (Monument/Sony) out for the spin to wrap up the final quarter of the year. The always fabulous Keith Urban has released “Never Comin’ Down” (Capitol) to quite a lot of fanfare and artists from Jake Owen with his new “Down To The Honkytonk” (Big Loud) and our favorite group in Florida Georgia Line with the brilliant “Sittin’ Pretty” (Big Machine/Universal) head out for spins around the Country music radio block. You can still feel the Summer heat into fall.

Independent artists and bands also abound and all you have to do is look at our charts to see the many that are competing with the major label artists. With the clock ticking it is imperative that artists and bands really “step it up” as we get ever so close to wrapping up what has been a very good year. Many of our radio stations, music and program directors are being polled right at this moment to give us their very best pick so far in 2018. Again there is still time to make that move but really not much left when you get down to it.

New Music Weekly continues to be the very best publication when it comes to honoring the very best major and independent music artists. Our New Music Awards is second to none when it comes time to bringing you the very best from both arenas. In the final months NMW will be offering the very best “tools of the trade” when it comes to advertising and chart tracking services. As we keep watch on the very best so far, keep in mind that a little pushing and promoting in this very popular publication will help you with not only better chart positioning but an opportunity to remind the general public and the music industry about just how strong your year was in popular music. As you read this issue please take a close look at the charts and display ads to see the many rising artists that really deserve a look for the up-coming awards season. Our next issue will also put the final spotlight on the entire picture as we get ever so close to wrapping up and amazing musical 2018.