Eileen Carey Talks Trash in ”Anything That Reminds Me of You”

Enough, already!  This gal has had it with this loser.  Eileen Carey sings for all emotionally battered and neglected women in her new single “Anything That Reminds Me of You.”

It’s time for a thorough house-cleaning, Carey sings.  So out go his clothes, his love letters and his “sweet valentines” that have now turned bitter.  The only thing our wounded lady is going to hang on to is the guy’s hidden stash of cash.

That’ll show him.  Now all that’s left to do is tell the town what a jerk he is.

Not since Patty Loveless’ “Blame It on Your (Lying, Cheating, Cold Dead Beating, Mean, Mistreating, Loving) Heart” has there been such a scorching put-down of an erring male.

Carey has blossomed as a supportive voice for women with her straight-to-the-heart songs—whether it’s counseling caution in “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” urging them to discard their painful pasts in “Let It Go” or, as in her last single, “That Town,” spurring them to take the risk and seek new worlds.

Whatever its theme, every Carey release sparkles with memory-clinging insight and wisdom.

“Anything That Reminds Me of You” was co-written by hit composers Amy Dalley and Jack Sizemore and produced in Nashville by Travis Allen and was released on CDX Vol. # 668 this week.

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