Ed Sheeran Is Without A Doubt The Darling Of AC

Ed Sheeran is without a doubt the darling of the AC format. His very latest in “Shape Of You” (Atlantic) continues to showcase his development as an artist. Ed always seems to keep you guessing as to which direction he can go and just when you think you know what his next move will be, think again. Newcomer Marian Hill is exploding on the music scene and in fine fashion. “Down” (Photo Finish/Republic) is the cut that is propelling this artist to new heights. Watch for some big weeks ahead for this emerging artist and make sure to remember that you heard about Marian Hill first right here on the pages of New Music Weekly Magazine. The best is yet to come.

Head And The Heart have a good think brewing at radio. They are getting a tremendous amount of support for the single “All We Ever Knew” (WB/WEA). It might be appropriate time to spend a little extra time with this stellar piece of music. Calum Scott has been grinding it out and taking social media by storm. “Dancing On My Own” (Capitol) is the masterpiece that appears to be finally taking hold. There are only good signs ahead for Calum and we here at NMW wish him continued success.

Lady Gaga continues to work her magic well after her amazing Super Bowl appearance. Her latest in “Million Reasons” (Interscope) was on a bit of a stall pattern but after that magical weekend things are back on track for the Gaga. John Mayer is back at AC40 with a single that showcases him at his very best.  “Love On The Weekend” (Columbia) is yet another very crafty song from John who has taken a bit of time off from radio. Many of our music and program directors are all over this one big time. Eileen Carey continues to rule on the AC40 with her #1 “In The Air” (Rolley Coaster).

Newcomer Julia Michaels is most certainly the talk of the town. She opens her radio drive with “Issues” (J/Republic) which is so crafty and catchy that one can barely stand it. You might find yourself playing it over and over until you really get it. Hey Violet has a good thing going and make no mistake about it. Their single “Guys My Age” (Capitol) has taken a while to unfold and now it’s back on the fast track. Train is back at the format and that’s always a good think for programmers. “Play That Song” (Columbia) is their latest and as it appears they have included a classic piece that is all too familiar to us in the mix, it all seems to work quite nicely and our radio panel loves it big time.

Bill Curreri is back at radio with a solid winner “Feather In The Wind” (BCM) is his latest and what a great single this is indeed. After taking a little break from radio, Bill has come back to remind us about just how good of an artist he is. We’ll see how it all pans out in the weeks and months to come but so far so very good for Bill Curreri. Erica Lane is a new artist that many of you are raving about. Her debut single in “Wake” is all that and a bag of chips. Morgan Alexander is also getting plenty of love and attention at AC40. “Breaking My Heart” (Coast) is the jam that is helping her get there.

Bon Jovi is getting some spins and that’s always a welcome thing. “Roller Coaster” (Island) is his latest and it’s always great to have him on the radio regardless of what format it is.  Dianne Meinke is back with a smash hit single. “Secret Lover” is her latest and the early numbers for this track are out of this world. It even made #1 “most added” at the format recently and that tells us that there is something big in the mix for her right around the corner. Adele is blowing it out of the water with her latest in “Water Under The Bridge” (XL Recordings/Columbia) and that’s not a real shocker. There are more things to come from the great one who continues to kill at the box office of live concerts.

Chuck Murphy has some solid NMA nominations and a huge hit with “Peace Be With You” (One West). Make sure to power this single out in the coming weeks and help us “rock the vote”.  Jimmy White is also on the nomination list thanks to his latest in “Miserable Man” (828). Renee Zawawi who made a stellar debut with “Happy Hour” is now closing in on the top of the charts with “Mom”. Also a multiple NMA nominee, please include her with your votes and support.  Joey Canyon is also getting some amazing chart support for “I Can’t Start Loving You again” and is a big time NMA nominee as well. I look forward to seeing out at this year’s CRS so “let’s party”.