Easton Corbin Is Back And Fast Rising

Easton Corbin is back with a solid fast rising entry. “A Girl Like You” (Mercury Nashville) is quite stellar. Mo Pitney “Everywhere” (Curb) is one of his best and this one appears to have some solid legs to it. The pairing of Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood is being heralded as a real solid winning combination.  “The Fighter” (Hit Red/Capitol Nashville) is off and running faster than a speeding bullet and this one has #1 written all over it. Blake Shelton continues to be one of the very best at the format. Having interviewed him in the early days at CRS, his track “Every Time I Hear That Song” (WB/WEA) continues to highlight just how far he’s come. The new season of The Voice (NBC) is also upon us so keep that in mind as well.

There’s so much teaming up at Country these days you’d think we were looking at the Top40 format. Case in point is the teaming of Cole Swindell with Dierks Bentley. Together they make beautiful music in “Flatliner” (WB/WEA) & from what our brilliant panel of music and program directors tell us, this one is the “one to watch”. Lady Antebellum are back at it and make no mistake about that.  “You Look Good” (Capitol Nashville) is oh so good so you may want to pump up the spins on this gem and beat the competition.

Rascal Flatts have a great new single at the format. Everybody seems to be raving out the new “Yours If You Want It” (Big Machine/Universal) track and I must admit, this is another solid record from the Flatts. Going back to that “pairing thing”, how about the teaming of  Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys. Yes I said it and it must be true. Together they make all the women get crazy with a mix of the anthem they have entitled God, Your Mama, And Me” (Big Machine/Universal). By the look at the numbers for this one, it might be time to power this one out if you are not already slamming it.

Richard Lynch has joined forces with Ronnie McDowell for a single that is getting plenty of attention. “Love Tattoo” (Twang Thang Country/MTS) is the gem I’m talking about and this one is pretty solid. Ron Sowell is getting much love for the rising and brilliant single “Dream On” (Mountain Soul) so pass that along to the folks. Kim McAbee is back and nobody does it better. Her new “Journey On” (Soigne) is the talk of Country radio so get that on your add list right away.

The fabulous Richard Thomas Band is rocking the Country charts big time with “My Mother’s Love”. I must admit that I actually met Richard during one of my shows at Legends Corner so to see him now on the Country charts is quite a thrill indeed. Watch for some big weeks ahead for the Richard Thomas Band and this great new single.  Keith Walker is getting plenty of action for his new single “Me Too” and that’s always a good thing. CJ Solar also has a real winner with the powerful and chart building “Just Another Day In The Country” (Sea Gayle).

Rick Monroe is back at radio just in time for CRS. His new “This Side Of You” (MRG) Is one of his best to date and we wish him the very best with this one to be sure.  Lauren Alaina has been working as hard as she can as her “Road Less Traveled” (19 Recordings/Mercury Nashville) becomes an anthem at Country. Recording artist  Tucker Beathard continues to shine with “Momma And Jesus” (Dot).

We have a good many NMA Nominees in the independent arena that are kicking butt.  Nobody continues to do better than Chuck Murphy thanks to his brilliant and powerful   “Peace Be With You” (One West Music). NMA nominee Joey Canyon has also had a brilliant run with his new “I Can’t Stop Loving You Again” (Glo Dot). Make sure to keep your votes going strong for both Joey Canyon, Chuck Murphy and all of your favorite Country artists on the NMW website.

I’m so looking forward to spending quality time with many of you during this year’s CRS. Should TMZ allow me some extra time off, I will see you at the various events and during my show at Legends Corner on Friday afternoon from 3 to 6 PM.