Welcome back to a brand-new year at New Music Weekly. It’s already shaping up to a banner event and make no mistake about it, new hits and emerging artists are in the process of making bold and beautiful moves. We’re already seeing an influx of new material that makes us pretty happy and the quality of the new music is better than ever. For those reading this magazine for the very first time, welcome to our on-going New Music Revolution where we help “level the playing field” when it comes to artists, bands and record labels. At NMW all stations are treated as equals regardless of their market size and all artists are treated as if they are sighed to a major record label.

With that being said, you can’t have a better time than with the CRS (Country Radio Seminar) underway in Nashville Tennessee for 2019. This always comes at the start of the first quarter when record labels showcase their very best of the up and coming year and radio programmers and radio station personal all gather in one place to discuss music and more music. NMW is thrilled to be on-sight for this fabulous event and we are here to assist in making this the very best event ever. Our team members will be out and about gathering stories and information to share with you throughout the year and again the timing of all of this could not be better to help launch a new year in music.

It is also fitting that we celebrate the nominations for this year’s New Music Awards. Once again we put the spotlight on the very best artists, bands, record labels and radio stations for this annual event. In addition to the nominees are music and program directors and industry professional that all have had a hand in making this honoring the most fitting. For the past months our subscribers and the general public had an opportunity to vote for their favorites on the New Music Weekly website. There was a record amount of activity once again showing us that the music world is quite engaged in our process.


Jason Aldean

NMW is happy to list some of the brightest major music artists over the past twelve months. Among the many we find artists such as Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Post Malone to Khalid in the pop music field. Over in our Country category you will find the likes of such notables ranging from Jason Aldean, Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini to Thomas Rhett to name just a few. Independent artist abound from the likes of Garrett Young, Eileen Carey, Al & Trey and a host of other Indie artists and bands that truly made their mark in the music industry. The radio stations and their programmers that had a hand in charting and breaking these artists are also singled out and without them none of these artists would have had the success they achieved.

Now that the NMA nominations have been announced, once again our subscribers and the music fans can all have a hand in helping to move nominees to winners for our NMAs. In this issue you will find some display ads from artists that truly deserve your votes and attention. Please take a close look at all of their accomplishments over the past twelve months. All of the nominees are now placed on our website at where you will all have a hand in moving your favorites towards the final outcome. We hope to have the winners announced in the coming weeks so stand by for that and in the interim your support and involvement in the process would be greatly appreciated. We’re sure that the nominees would appreciate your support as well.

New Music Weekly will continue to offer the very best “tools of the trade” when it comes to breaking new artist and bands whether they be major label artist or from the independent arena. Our STS tracking system is second to none when it comes to bringing you the very best in how radio is charting the new music. Our magazine continues to offer great advertising opportunities when it comes to getting the word out to the music industry. With our annual New Music Awards we continue to shine the spotlight on the very best that the industry has to offer. We wish all of you a very excellent 2019 and we are here for you. Let’s also make this the best CRS ever and please find us at one of your many music events.