BEST OF TOP40 2017

Selena Gomez has teamed up with Marshmello for what appears to be a huge Top40 winner. “Wolves” (Interscope) is the single that is taking the music world by storm. Selena has been on a roll as of late and this single should be just the icing on the cake for an amazing 2017. NF is the act to be paying special attention to if you are a music programmer. “Let You Down” (Capitol) is their red hot new single that should be taken quite seriously. Make some room on the playlist for this monster hit single.

The pairing of Cheat Codes with Fetty Wap & Cvbz is turning out big dividends. “Feels Great” (300 Entertainment) is the jam that many of our music and program directors are raving about. That’s always an indicator that some big things are on the horizon. We’re also happy to see that Harry Styles is keeping his solo career in full swing. His latest offering in “Kiwi” (Erskine/Columbia) appears to be doing just fine and make sure to give this new one a spin or two around the radio block.

Lorde is back at it and make no mistake about that. This time out she teams up with    Khalid, Post Malone & SZA for what appears to be the monster team effort of the year. “Homemade Dynamite” (Lava/Republic) is the one that is making bold and beautiful moves in and around the Top40 world. One of our favorite pop songs is brought to us by Max and his new best friend Gnash. Together they make beautiful music together in the super amazing and solid “Lights Down Low” (RAL/Sony). This one is a solid winner so make sure you spend more time with it for your programming pleasure.

Taylor Swift keeps releasing single after single. “Gorgeous” (Big Machine/Universal) is her latest and there are already a few new ones coming out now as well. Not sure if this is “throw things out to see if they stick” but I’m sure her label is trying to figure it all out. The new power team that is Calvin Harris with Kehlani & Lil Yachty also has a good thing going. It’s all wrapped up in a song called “Faking It” (Columbia) that appears to be building by leaps and bounds. Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your radio, Chris Brown releases the single “Questions” (RCA/RLG) so hopefully he has some answers.

The Weeknd is making it look all too easy as he takes the new jam “Die For You” (Universal Republic) out for a spin. Avicii brings the lovely Rita Ora on board and together they make some rather beautiful music. It’s all in a very nice package called “Lonely Together” (Geffen/UMG) & make no mistake about it, this one has legs. We’re also happy to report that the solo career of Niall Horan remains ever so strong, He proves it once again with “Too Much To Ask” (Neon Haze/Capitol) & this one is oh so good.

Bebe Rexha has teamed up with Florida Georgia Line for a very unlikely pairing. Together they take the new single “Meant To Be” (WB/WEA) to new heights. Strange as it may seem this pairing works quite well and the results of all of this has turned into pure magic. We have also been getting really good reports regarding recording artist and music activist  Abigail Scott. The track “Tin Soldiers” (Gravel Road) has been pulling in a number of early believers and that could mean some very big things ahead here.

Newcomer Julz is finding a world of believers for his debut single. “Wonder” is the magic cut that has been taking both the Top40 and AC40 charts by storm. Make sure to spend some extra time with this brilliant young vocalist and song writer.  Maroon 5 and their team with SZA is bringing much good fortune as “What Lovers Do” (222/Interscope) continues to move past the rest. Blackbear is also getting much love out there for their brilliant and bold “Do Re Mi” (Beartrap/Alamo/Interscope).

Garret Young has had a brilliant year with “Do You Hear My Cries” (West Coast Collective) & so has John Ratliff and his band Receptacle with “Love Is Magic”. Newcomer Devi continues ever so strong with “One More Day” & Dianne Meinke is a solid contender with  “Lemonade, Freshly Squeezed” (UVI) . Add Chuck Murphy & Big Coyote to the list as “Free To Be Free continues strong. All should be considered for our New Music Awards.