BEST OF AC40 2017

Charlie Puth continues his reign on the format with music that all of our listeners can relate to. “How Long” (Artist Partners/Atlantic) is his latest and from the looks of how it’s being received good things are on the way for him. U2 are back at the format and that is always a welcome event. This time out they are taking a new gem out for a spin with the powerful “You’re the Best Thing About Me” (Interscope). The timing is right for a new U2 song and we only hope that the radio programming machines are receptive.

The new emerging Lights continue to do brilliant things at radio. The single “Giants” (WB/WEA) is an extremely powerful offering and it’s getting a big “thumbs up” from many of our music and program directors. The pairing of two giants in the music industry appears to be making strange but beautiful music together. I’m talking about the match of Bebe Rexha and the always brilliant Florida Georgia Line. Together they are taking the gem “Meant To Be” (WB/WEA) out for a spin and the results are pretty impressive. Make sure to save a slot on your playlist for this masterpiece.

Max and Gnash have a good thing going and make no mistake about that my friends.  “Lights Down Low” (RAL/Sony) is a really tasty treat that deserves your attention. Already a huge hit at the Top40 format, this one will not disappoint in any way. Also breaking at the format is a new one from the always talented and forceful artist known as the Weekend. His new “Die For You” (Universal Republic) is really something to pay some extra special attention. We’ll see how it all plays out in the weeks to come.

Newcomers Tiny Machines are at the format with a red-hot single. From the first week out  “Back To The Sun” (Hobo Technologies) has been at the top of our “most added” list with some rather impressive numbers. Now the single is on a fast track hitting the charts with intense firepower. Recording artist Julz is also taking the music world by storm. His new “Wonder” (Ind) single has been a solid winner from the first week out. He’s young, talented and has a very bright future, a solid combination to be sure.

Al & Trey are back at the format with another winner. “Reach Beyond” (Tide Productions) is their latest and it’s a very personal song for the dynamic duo. It’s already a solid hit on our Country charts and has now crossed over to both Top40 and on our AC40 formats. I
also like the new single from Katrina Woolverton. Entitled “Hold Me Down” (Red Red) the song has huge potential and deserves your immediate programming attention.

Ed Sheeran continues his winning ways at AC40 with “Perfect” (Atlantic) and we’ll see how it holds up against all of the previous hits.  Zimri is getting plenty of love at the format for a single called “Belong” (Z Lab). Sky Orchid is also on the move with a single entitled “Lex” (Kitelines Music) so you might want to dig a little deeper into this gem. Also happy to report that Willamena is getting some good coverage at radio for the new single “Open Up The Stars” (Ten Lanes Wide).

Gasoline Lollipops are rocking the radio world with “Soul Mine” (Fastrain) so what are you waiting for? Sarah Morris has a good thing going at the format and she wants the world to know all about it. “Shelter From The Storm” (RiverRock Group) is the jam that I’m talking about so you may want to give that one a good few spins around the block.

Recording artist Devi continues to work her magic at the format. “One More Day” (Independent) has been making bold and beautiful moves ever since it’s release and now it’s closing in on the top spot. Rebel Hearts have teamed up with Boyz Nite Out for a great winner in “Baby Doll” (RHR). Chuck Murphy and his band & Big Coyote have taken their  “Free To Be Free” (One West Music) to the top of the charts so a big congrats to them.  Dianne Meinke has been blowing past the competition with her amazing and powerful “Lemonade Freshly Squeezed” (UVI). Garrett Young has had a big year with “Do You Hear My Cries” (West Coast Collective). Eileen Carey has also broken records with “Good, Bad Girl” and John Ratliff and Receptacle hit #1 with “Love Is Magic”. All of the above really deserve your recognition for this year’s New Music Weekly Awards.