Winners And Post CRS 2012: We’re off to a stellar start!

It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of this year is already over. We’ve been seeing some new artists and bands emerge and that is a good sign that this is set to become a very solid year at radio. Some of the new material is exceptional and a few of the early entries can be found on the charts in this issue. New artist and bands won’t find a better friend than right here at New Music Weekly. Many major artists are also starting with some great new material and only here can you see how both the major and the independent artists fare when it comes to chart action. Our music and programmers are pretty fired up about the new music as well and that keeps the team pretty “pumped up” as we move forward.

Once again we took part in the annual CRS in beautiful Nashville Tennessee. The grand event always comes at the perfect time of year and many artists and record labels were there set and ready to announce and promote their new releases. We tried to get to as many events as well could and they were endless. The very best part of any CRS is the opportunity to connect with many of our stations, programmers and industry professionals. There were plenty of artists, labels and managers on hand as well to provide information that we can use the rest of this year.

New Music Weekly just announced the “winners” for our annual New Music Awards several weeks ago. In this issue we salute many of our winners and this is our chance to say a “congratulations” to them and to all of the nominees. This also gave us an opportunity to pay a well-deserved tribute to our radio stations, music and program directors. There were also nods to records labels and radio promotion people as well. Although there was no “live-event”, there was plenty of press activity out there in the music industry and it continues as of this writing. Make sure you check out some of the artists that took the time to thank radio inside this issue. They all deserve a little extra support.

We continue to provide “tools of the trade” here and will continue to do so. NMW is now in pre-production for our next Future Hits compilation. This powerful vehicle enables artists and bands to get their music to “all of radio” in one single shot. Artists also receive additional digital support through Airplay Access. The team is also making special advertising rates available to those who participate in Future Hits. Please notify any artists or bands you may know in your area that may need some help in getting their new release serviced to the music world. There will also be additional print and column support for all those who come “on board”. Please contact us here at New Music Weekly at your earliest convenience as the CD compilation is filling up fast.

Our STS tracking system continues to provide the best way to track your songs. Our charts are provided each and every week in multi-formats and there as an abundant amount information provided from the system. Keep in mind that with us, all stations are treated as equals regardless of market size. Some out there might be touting the power of an ever shrinking Billboard magazine or another trade publication, but how much help do any of the others out there give the artist or band on an independent label? You’ll find everything you really need right here on the pages and charts of New Music Weekly.