DJ Khaled has teamed up with Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo for what could be the biggest Summer song of 2018 so far. “No Brainer” (We The Best/Epic) is the jam that we are talking about and with this stellar team I doubt that much could go wrong. Will this be the fastest track to #1 this year? Stay tuned. Loote has got a good thing going and make no mistake about that. “Your Side Of The Bed” (4th & Broadway/Island) is a real winner and you can bet some cash that this one will also be heading to the top very soon.

Lovelytheband is about as good as they come for a new act. “Broken” (Another Century/Sony) is the track that is setting the music world on fire. I would get this into rotation as soon as possible if you are not already on it. Justin Timberlake is back and better than ever. His new “Soulmate” (RCA/RLG) is quite the single for this red-hot Summer and the numbers continue to build by leaps and bounds. Look for some monster moves for this gem in the weeks to come & you can see all the solid moves right here.

Charlie Puth continues his winning ways at the format. “The Way I Am” (Artist Partners/WEA) is his latest and from the early numbers this one has solid future #1 potential. Ariana Grande is on-fire with her latest offering. “God Is A Woman” (Republic) is fast becoming one of our favorites with our panel of music and programmers. Watch for some even bigger weeks ahead for this monster jam.  Dennis Lloyd is winning over fans, friends and radio. The single “Nevermind” (WB/WEA) is on the fast track to really becoming something quite amazing to be sure so give this a few spins around the block.

Garrett Young is back at Top40 with a real solid track. “My Friend” (West Coast Collective) is so good that only the numbers can tell the tale. It’s a solid crossover smash giving Garrett another strong charter. The Chainsmokers have teamed up with recording artist Emily Warren for a solid track. “Side Effects” (Disruptor/Columbia) is the latest and this is so good that you can’t put it down. Barley Station continues to win fans, friends and radio with their “Younger Summer Memories” (Barleyfields). Another crossover gem, it’s been #1 on our AC40 charts for over 4 weeks. So really can you Top That for a new band?

Panic! At The Disco is back at Top40 with some rather strong firepower. “High Hopes” (DCD2/Fueled By Ramen/WEA) is their latest and greatest and might be one of their best to date.  Selena Gomez continues to rock the radio charts and seems to be better with each outing. “Back To You” (Interscope) is the jam that is pulling in some record numbers. The big time pairing of Cardi B with Bad Bunny & J Balvin appears not be letting off one bit. We told you last time out about the solid potential of this monster jam and everything predicted appears to be coming true for “I Like It” (KSR Group/Atlantic).

The Marshmello & Anne Marie pairing is also reaping some rather big rewards. Many of our programmers have “Friends” (Atlantic) in top rotation and for good reason, it’s one of the best tracks out there at Top40.  Andrew Reed is back with a new single to the format. “Cure My Mind” (Artists International) is his latest and from the early numbers watch for some very big things ahead for this multi-talented recording artist. Newcomer Jules is also getting some love and attention out in the radio world. “Before You Picked Her” (RPM) is a single that you may want to spend a little more time with in the coming weeks.

Mateo Luka is taking his new single to greater heights. “Castaway” (TCI Records) is the one that appears to be building by leaps and bounds. It’s even pulling in some rather impressive numbers & that a solid indicator that the word is spreading on this great track. Dianne Meinke has another winner on her hands. “Read My Mind” (UVI) is making some rather bold moves. Devi and her single “Bad Boy” (Independent) is also moving along with major potential.

This is our big Summer Hits of 2018 issue. Many of the artists and bands on our charts deserve some rather extra special attention. In addition to the major artists, you will see some amazing indie artists make huge progress. This gives them bragging rights to having a summer hit that many will remember for years to come.