Top40 Radio Kick Starts 2020

The Jonas Brothers could not be any hotter. Just coming off a very high-profile Grammy appearance, they were able to put the spotlight on their new single “What A Man Gotta Do” (Republic) and you could not ask for a better way to get this excellent single started.  Halsey continues her winning ways and she is set to let all of the world know it. “You Should Be Sad” (Capitol) is her latest entry and this single really shows what she is all about. Save a little room in rotation for this amazing artist & you’ll be glad you did.

BTS has teamed up with Lauv for some pure music magic. “Make It Right” (Columbia) is the track that is getting raves from our music and program directors. Another monster pairing in DJ Snake with J Balvin & Tyga is also musically out of control. Many listeners are singing the praises of “Loco Contigo” (Geffen) & for good reason, it’s such a powerhouse Top40 single. Kesha is also joining the “team thing” by joining with Big Freedia in a pop anthem in development called “Raising Hell” (RCA/RLG).

Ant Saunders is taking the pop world by storm and loving every minute. “Yellow Hearts” (Arista/Sony) is the jam that I’m talking about & it deserves all of the love and attention you can give it. Meduza is joining forces with Becky Hill & Goodboys for the single entitled “Lose Control” (Virgin). The perfect combo for music magic, many of our programmers are all over this one to be sure. Marquette King is also on the loose with the fast rising “Lose Control” (BU Universe) that may just be worth your time.

Roddy Ricch is a name to be paying close attention to in the near future. “The Box” (Atlantic) is a track that is getting plenty of love and attention and make no mistake about that. Coldplay is back with one of their best to date. A bit of a sleeper until it’s not, “Orphans” (Atlantic) puts them back at their early roots with a touch of what is going on today and they have really found their footing with this gem. Steve Aoki & the ever-loving Backstreet Boys are having a real radio party as “Let It Be Me” (Ultra) takes flight.

Radio’s truly hottest team in Doja Cat with Tyga have a real solid chart buster on their hands as “Juicy” (Kemosabe/RCA) pulls past the pack. This one you can’t let get away from you. Also rising on the charts by leaps and bounds is Johannes Linstead. His stellar “Be My Girl” (Indie) is off like a rocket and there is no stopping this amazing Canadian rising star. Trevor Daniel also continues to build fans and support at Top40 and that is thanks to the single “Falling” (Alamo).

Joe Taylor is really pulling in some rather amazing numbers at the format and we are pretty thrilled for him. This NMA nominee is closing in on the top spot with his debut “I Can’t Make You Love” (Indie) which is as good as anything out there so far in 2020. Rhett May another NMA nominee might hit the top any week now thanks to his powerhouse “Cocktails & Cannabis”. Tower Circle, a strong indie band from the Sacramento area is also in the NMA nomination circle thanks to their debut hit “Come A Little Closer” (Indie).

Other contenders that have current hits include Linards Zarins with his explosive “I Miss You” (Spinnup), Black Pontiac with such a good song “November State Of Mind” (Appreciated Music) you can’t put it down. All of the above deserve your immediate support and attention and you can help them go from nominees to winners by your votes at