Nominations & CRS . . . The Perfect Music Combination

There is no better way to kick off the music year then with a trip to CRS (Country Radio Seminar) in Nashville. Even if you’re not a country act you also find music programmers from all formats visiting Music City to take a taste of what’s to come. Not too many years back a few artists from Blake Shelton to Taylor Swift all made a strong impact on radio programmers at this grand event and look what’s happened to many of these artists. We have always found this experience an invaluable one and it allows us to get up and close to many great artists and bands, giving us material that we can use in our magazine for an entire year. You won’t find this many radio programmers and recording artists under one roof and it all just keeps getting better each year.

This issue also happens to be our annual Nomination Issue as well so the timing could not be more perfect. We get the opportunity to applaud the best music acts from last year at the same time that we are all looking towards the future. Not only are there many major artists on our list on nominations, we also provide a tribute to many of the independent artists as well, something that very few music publications actually do. The tribute to the artists also goes beyond that as we also nominate radio programmers, record labels and industry professionals. They are also extremely instrumental in the success of all the artists and without their support not much would have happened for them.

Music fans and industry pros also had a hand in the nomination process. For well over a month the general public had the opportunity to log onto the New Music Weekly web-site and be a part of the nomination process. We must admit that we had no idea how much attention there would be for this event as a record number of people from the USA and around the world participated in the process. Now that our nominations have been revealed our same voting process will also apply in choosing our winners. Please take the time to visit us on-line and vote for the artists, radio programmers and others and have a helping hand in choosing the winners.

New Music Weekly continues to offer some of the best “tools of the trade” in helping to break new artists. Many have gotten their start right here on our charts by starting their grassroots movement on our small and secondary market stations. All of our reporters are true music fans and really care more about the music that what label the songs are coming from. It’s amazing to us how many record promoters, labels, managers and publicists come to us each and every week with requests and information. Our STS system helps provide the tracking for the weekly charts and is second to none when it comes to accuracy. There are also a great many services provided through us that can help an artist or band in getting a record started.

In this issue you will find a vast number of our nominees and they are asking for your support which they deserve. You will also find a solid mix of major and independent artists on all of our charts. For years we have been part of a “new music revolution” and that stands true to this very day. It has always been about leveling the playing field for artists, bands and record labels. NMW also continues to provide music services whether it be through Airplay Access or by our own Future Hits music compilation.

As we mentioned at the beginning we are thrilled to be participating in this year’s CRS. It is our hope to get to visit with many of you in attendance and if for some reason we miss you there may be some of us holding court up and the Bride Bar. Once again we’d like to congratulate all of our nominees for this year’s New Music Awards.