Maroon 5 Is Still Keeping The Heat On

Maroon 5 is still keeping the heat on long after the holiday season. Lead vocalist Adam Levine continues to keep that profile high and mighty thanks in part to “The Voice” (NBC) which has become a huge television rating’s hit. The single “Daylight” (Octone/A&M) continues to shine bright and gives this amazing act another well-deserved Hit single. It’s great to see Bon Jovi back in action. Their latest and greatest is called “Because We Can” (Island) and the fans and radio are really loving this in a big way. Taylor Swift picks up where she left off last year only to explode to even greater heights (if that’s even possible). “I Knew You Were Trouble” (Big Machine/Universal) has moved to the top of most charts in record time and that’s where it will no doubt stay for quite some time to come.

The Black Keys are getting quite the “buzz” at our format. “Little Black Submarines” (Nonesuch/Reprise) is the gem that many of our music and program directors are raving about. Make sure you save a little room on your new list for this outfit. The Snow Patrol is back and that is always a good thing. “In The End” (IDJMG) could be their best record since “Chasing Cars” so we’ll see how this all plays out in the weeks tocome. The new band Jade In Transit is off to the races at multi-formats. “When I Say Your Name” (DreamVista) is picking up so much speed that you just can’t stop them. They might be the one to watch” in 2013.

It’s also equally exciting to see the name Van Morrison back in print. He’s got a new single that’s out and about called “Open The Door To Your Heart” (Blue Note/EMC) and we are all just loving this one “big time”. Keep Van in your hearts and minds when it comes to doing your playlist. Christina Aguilera teamed up with Blake Shelton over the holidays and they seem to be keeping the magic alive well into 2013. “Just A Fool” (RCA/RLG) is the track that everybody can’t seem to get enough of and for good reason.

Michael Damian is back on radio with a big hit single. “Rock My Heart” (Weir Brothers) It’s not only powering its way up the charts here, but also at Mediabase, FMQB and on the AC Billboard charts. The song is featured in the film “The Sweeter Side Of Life” that has been playing on the Hallmark Channel all month long. New recording artist Bill Songy is making quite the name for himself. His debut single “These Days Are Gone” (Franzia) spent four weeks in the “most added” position and is now making its way towards the top of our charts.

Apostle J. Dancy has been “on the move” as of late as his “Soon” (Predestined Int) track moves past the competition. Young Emil has a huge hit on his hands with “Night Train” (Caper) and make no mistake about that. Del Robbins continues strong well into 2013 with his Hit single “Where Did The Love Go” (Fame & Fortune). Multi nominee Marsha Jewell has a good thing going with “Ragged Angel” (Jewell Lane), set to be her next #1 single. Travis Herlocker continues to amaze with his new single “My Shame” in the one that is getting some serious multi-format action. Just take a look at the stats.

Nominee Tommy Roe and Melissa Hooker continue to pull huge numbers for their “It’s For You I’m Me” (Airebelle Records) track. Nominated artist Matt Backer has teamed up with nominee Julian Lennon for their #1 hit single “All That You’ve Wanted” (Right Records) and radio loves them. Paul Casey continues to impress with his stellar “Frontlines” (DaBet Records) single. We are getting things set up for our visit to Nashville. One of the things to keep in mind if you are an AC or Mainstream artists is that many of our programmers that may have a Country station also may have an AC and Pop station as well. Many of them will be at this event so this might be a smart way to introduce yourself to them and your music. Get in touch will us soon and we’ll make sure that you are on the post for this event. I’ll have more good AC news next time right here.