Imagine Dragons Are Truly The Hottest Band In The U.S.

Imagine Dragons are truly the hottest band in the USA. They prove it once and for all as their new “Whatever It Takes” (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope) makes bold moves bringing in a number of early believers. Those X Ambassadors are also back at it again and make no mistake about that. The new and solid “Ahead Of Myself” (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope) is truly a must add. Justin Timberlake is on fire at the format with several songs for your listening pleasure.  “Filthy” (RCA/RLG) is one of them that seems to be getting plenty of attention. It will be interesting to see which one actually makes it to the top of the charts but we can guarantee that one or two will and in record time.

Kesha is taking AC40 by storm and shows she is finally back on track. “Woman” (Kemosabe/RCA) is her latest and greatest and this track proves just how good this recording artist really is. Max and his pal Gnash have a song that has been around for a bit and nobody seems to be done with it. “Lights Down Low” (RAL/Sony) is the jam that is making the top of many AC40 lists around the USA. The team of Taylor Swift with her good friend Ed Sheeran & Future is heading to the top of the charts. “End Game” (Big Machine/Universal) is the one that is set for bigger and better things to come.

Foster The People are getting their jam on and it’s a very good thing to see. Their new and improved “Sit Next To Me” (Columbia) is pulling in a number of our program and music directors which is an indicator that big things are in the works. James Gavin is making some rather big waves as his new “Hearts On Fire” (Capitol) takes flight. Be on the watch for some solid things ahead for this single and this talented artist. Also getting in on the action is recording artist Welshly Arms. The single “Legendary” (Republic) is quite amazing and you can expect some big spin moves ahead for this gem.

Dua Lipa is a name that has been appearing on a number of charts from Top40 to AC. Now her single “IDGAF” (WB/WEA) is making some rather big noise and for good reason, it’s just that good and powerful. Save a little room on our radio playlist for this gem without a doubt. I’m also loving the new Carrie Underwood and Ludacris pairing. As strange as this all appears their lovely duet in “The Champion” (Capitol Nashville) is just what crossover radio is all about. Walk The Moon is also getting on the action at the format and for good reason. Their latest in “One Foot” (RCA/RLG) is so good that you just can’t put it down.

Garrett Young is back at the format with a real monster single. The fast rising single in  “My Oh My” (West Coast Collective) is his latest, the follow-up to his #1 “Do You Hear My Cries” and the numbers for this track tell the tale. Look for some rather big weeks ahead for the young and multi-talented Garrett Young. Dianne Meinke is also back with a real gem. “I’ll Be Here Waiting” (UVI Media Group) is without a doubt the best single she’s had to date. It’s the last track from her latest CD album “Lemonade Freshly Sqeezed” and now it’s moving to the top of many playlists on our panel.

John Ratliff and his band Receptacle have a new single out and about doing some blockbuster things. “My Dear” (Ind) is the jam that is getting raves from many of our music and program directors. New Recording artist Patking is also making big wave at the format. “What Love Really Means” (Indie) is the track that is pulling in some rather impressive numbers. Watch for some big things ahead for Patking as this single shows signs of some real legs.

Alice Merton is taking a stand and it appears to be working. “No Roots” (Paper Plane/Mom & Pop Music) is the track that is helping to put her on the map. Also making some rather big waves is Charlie Puth. His new and ever so powerful  “How Long” (Artist Partners/Atlantic) is really rocking the free world. Charlie and many of the above artists are contenders for our current New Music Awards. The ballot with all the nominations is now on our website and now it’s up to you to help turn those nominations into wins. We wish all of our nominees a big congrats on their way to the winners circle.