It’s that time of year already when we put the spotlight on the very Best of 2018. Hard to believe we have already burned through the year but it’s now time to take stock on where we are and what have been the true highlights of 2018. From major label to independent artists, we now have the opportunity to take stock on what has happened in music over the past year and to acknowledge their effect and success over the past twelve months. It’s been quite a ride and we will now take a much closer look into what has gone on in the world of music. From Top40, Country to AC, artists have had a banner run and it’s that time to put the spotlight on the very best that rose to higher ground.

To help us take stock on what has occurred with respect to the very best artists and bands, New Music Weekly has now implemented an open ballot on the New Music Weekly website. Over the next three to four weeks, music fan and NMW subscribers have the chance to become involved in choosing our nominees for this year’s New Music Awards. The nomination process is not only open for artists and bands, both major and independent, but other entries have been added to the sight as you will see once you begin to participate in the process. Please take the time to visit the sight and make your recommendations as we want to make sure that all of you have a hand in the process.

It’s has been quite the year for a good many artists and bands that have had a supreme impact at radio in multi-formats. Post Malone has most certainly had a banner “best of year” & he is not alone. Some of the standouts that come to mind is the young rising star Camila Cabello. She has been blessed with hit after hit and now takes the ballad track  “Consequences” (Syco/Epic) to the format with amazing support from music fans around the USA. Khalid has had a breakthrough year and make no mistake about that. Whether it’s been teaming up with a number of superstar recording artists or doing quite well on his own with such songs as his current “Better” (Right Hand Music Group/RCA), you can expect some big time nominations during this up-coming award season.

Over at Country there were a number of rising stars and recent success stories. One such artist in Walker Hayes came on to the scene with much success including his new one in  “90’s Country” (Monument/Sony). Luke Bryan continued his winning ways and just recently pulled in record support for his new “What Makes You Country” (Capitol Nashville) that is already set to become a new Country anthem. The music world is also getting last minute entries from Top40 to AC that include the new arrival of the Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper combo. Their team effort of “Shallow” (Interscope) might just end up getting them an Academy Award, several Grammy’s and a number of New Music Awards as well.

There are also a number of independent artists from Top40, Country to AC that also deserve your attention. Please take a look at the charts in this issue to see a good number of them that deserve NMA nominations. Also give our columns a very close look as we put the spotlight on many major and independents that deserve some love and attention.

Once the nominations are revealed, the music fans and NMW subscribers will also have a hand in the very final outcome. Artists will be listed in numerous categories and they will be open for your votes and support. Nominees will also have an opportunity to campaign in our next issue by the use of display ads and the like to help get the vote out to our stations and their programmers. They will also have an impact on the final outcome as we will be polling them over the coming month.

We want to congratulate all of the artists and bands that made the charts here at New Music Weekly in 2018. We hope that with our up and coming NMA nominations that we can give many of these artist the recognition they so deserve. You have the ability to play a part in all of this by your votes and support at