Fall Music Preview

It’s hard to believe that we are now down to the final quarter of the year. Just as the hottest Summer on record comes to a close it’s time for the Fall season and we could not be happier for this time of year. Many of the singles that hit hard over the summer are coming to a close and that is opening up some room for newer releases. If you haven’t had the time to strike with your artist or label just yet now might be the best time to get something into play. We can already see more releases hitting the street and that could mean good things for the entire music industry.

This is also the time when people need to be thinking about the holiday season that is just around the corner. Being that it’s the biggest music selling time of the year and only just month’s away. Those that plan right now will have the upper hand. It’s also time to change the tempo just a bit. If you have been sitting on a great ballad, this might be the time to get that out there as programmers are looking to change things up a bit and some in more dramatic fashion.

The A- list artists are hitting it extra hard as they know the big sales time is coming fast and furious. Taylor Swift and her Big Machine have “Wildest Dreams” just in time for that final quarter and it has the sonic sounds of fall written all over it. Others taking full advantage of that push can be found in Maroon 5, Demi Lovato and Drake just to name a few. Over on the Country side of things there is a lot going on as artists from Brad Paisley and his new “Country Nation”, Rascall Flatts with “I Like The Sound Of That” to Sam hunt and his new “Break Up In A Small Town” just to name a few are really hitting it extra hard for that final push.

There is plenty of amazing independent music as well. The east coast act Abuss is getting raves for their new “Poor Days”, while young indie artist Nicole Sheehan has just released her “Stuck At 17 to early raves from our music and program directors. The indie movement is also alive and well when it comes to the Country format. Many abound including the likes of Chad Pfeifer and Morgan Riley and a host of others taking full advantage of this final quarter. Whether you’re a major fighting for a slot at your label or an independent, there are many opportunities that should be taken advantage of right now.

It’s also not too early to be thinking about your song for the holidays. We have always noted that a good single for this time of year can help to break a new artist. For bands and artists that are already out and about, a good holiday song can add plenty of stock to your musical portfolio. Whether it’s your take on a standard or a unique original, it might be time to get into the studio and make some magic just in time for Christmas. Don’t wait too long on this because stations are already looking for such tracks.

Another event that you should prepare for is the music award season. New Music Weekly is looking very carefully on the music here in the last quarter for our annual New Music Awards. It will not be long before we will be putting our nominations list together and much of that is based on what is going on right now. Artists and band from both the major and the independent arena will be singled out as this year’s very best and if you believe you fit into that category, it might be time to start campaigning just a bit.

New Music Weekly continues to offer the very best “tools of the trade” when it comes to breaking new artists. Whether it’s through our unique tracking system or in print and via our digital delivery systems, NMW has all you need to get your story out to the radio programmers that matter the most. Please get in touch with us soon as this year comes to a close so that we can help serve you the very best we can. The opportunities abound here at New Music Weekly and our panel of music and program directors are only too happy to help you provided you deliver your very best music. No need to worry about that big major record deal to get your story started. Please enjoy this Fall Music Preview and all it has to offer.