Ellie Goulding Is Fast Becoming New Darling Of AC40 Radio

Ellie Goulding is fast becoming the new darling of AC40 radio. She keeps her streak at the format alive and well with the addition of “Still Falling For You” (Interscope). Vocally and production wise it’s one of her best to date. Recording artist Lindsey Stirling has teamed up with Andrew McMahon for a bit of musical magic. Together they bring it all in with the new and exciting “Something Wild” (Walt Disney). We wish them the best with this new release and can promise to keep tabs of its success in the coming weeks ahead.

Andy Grammer is also a real favorite here at the format. “Fresh Eyes” (S Curve/EMI) is his latest and it’s getting big time praise from many of our music and program directors.  One Republic are back with yet another hit. After a bit of a stumble with the last outing they are taking “Kids” (Mosley Music/Interscope) out for a spin to see if this one will do the trick. Wrabel has been pulling in some massive numbers for their latest. “11 Blocks” (Epic) is a breakout hit here and at Top40. Watch for some bigger weeks ahead for this outfit and with a powerful song like this, anything good can happen.

Shawn Mendes has been on a real winning role as of late. Right after his monster single “Stiches” (which still gets quite a lot of play at the format) he’s taking his new “Treat You Better” (Island) out for a spin and so-far-so good. I just love this kid and what an amazing talent he is. Bon Jovi is back on track and they want the world to know it. “This House Is Not For Sale” (Island) is the latest from this band that just refuses to go away. When you have such a solid fan base I guess you just need to keep them happy.

Third Eye Blind is also back at it and why not. “Company Of Strangers” (MegaCollider) is their latest and greatest. Nickelback is also back at radio and how about a retro return for so many of these artists and bands. “Dirty Laundry” (Union Entertainment) is the track that is getting quite a buzz out there. On a newer front the Chainsmokers who have now teamed up with Halsey are getting big time spins for “Closer” (Columbia).

The DJ Snake and Justin Bieber pairing has turned out to be a very good thing. “Let Me Love You” (Interscope) is so good you can’t put it down. Michael Buble is back to sober everybody up. “Nobody But Me” (WB/WEA) is the one he believes will bring back some much needed new airplay. Bastille is also picking up some well-deserved action at radio. “Good Grief” (Capitol) is the jam that is pretty solid and could add to your playlist.

Eileen Carey is back at radio and doing quite well again I may add. Her new “In The Air” (Rolley Coaster) is fast becoming everyone’s favorite and her vocal on this one is really quote excellent. Newcomer Gina Cutillo has a good thing going for sure. “Keep On” (Ind) is on fire from here to Top40 and in a very big way. The pairing of Nick Jonas with the ever popular Tove Lo has made for some nice music. “Close” (Safehouse/Island) is the single that is making it all happen.

Chemical Diary are finding a world of believers for their debut single. “They Are People Too” is the song that is racing up the charts and in record time. Hot AC (& Top40) world. Those fun loving American Authors are on the move with “What We Live For” (Republic/Island). Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez are making beautiful music together with “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (Atlantic). Florida Georgia Line cross to this format with “H.O.L.Y.” (Big Machine/Universal) and why not.

Newcomer Dru Ross is on fire and make no mistake about that. His debut single “Love Simulation” (Ross Records) is now pulling in Billboard and Mediabase stations at Top40. Renee Zawawi is taking her “Happy Hour” (PSP) single for a spin and everybody just loves it. Jimmy White delivers pure magic in “Miserable Man” (828) with his best vocal to date. Chuck Murphy is man of the hour as “Cow Girls” (One West) moves to the top.  John Ratliff and his band Receptacle have a crossover hit with “Oh My”.  Dianne Meinke has been #1 for a record number of weeks thanks to “Ten Thousand More” (UVI).  Brandy Moss Scott is waiting her turn with “Oh How It Hurts”. More next time people.