Country Summer

Maren Morris is truly the hot new artist on the block. After a huge hit like “My Church”, she’s taking her new “80’s Mercedes” (Columbia Nashville) out for a Summer drive and our programmers are following along. Blake Shelton may have a lot going on in his personal life but that hasn’t affected his ability to keep breaking hit after hit. His new “She’s Got A Way With Words” (WB) is fast becoming a real favorite among our Country stations. When you combine his music history along with his stint on The Voice (NBC) and his new rock star gal pal, good things keep happening for Blake.

Tim McGraw has a solid record on his hands. “How I’ll Always Be” (Big Machine/Universal) is the perfect summer track and should continue to add to his massive musical fortunes. One of my favorite songs for the Summer of 2016 has to be the new Thomas Rhett. I’ve been just loving his “Vacation” (Valory Music/Universal) song so much that I want to go and take one. Darius Rucker is back at it and make no mistake about it. He’s got the track “If I Told You” (Capitol Nashville) out and about and our panel is all over this one big time.

Brett Eldredge has become one popular dude as of late. His new release of “Wanna Be That Song” (Atlantic Nashville) should continue to take him to bigger and better places. Those fun loving and ever popular Florida Georgia Line boys have taken another winner to the top of the charts. “H.O.L.Y.” (Big Machine/Universal) is the jam that I’m talking about and it’s so great to see the boys have kept their streak of hits alive and well.

Chuck Murphy has a new masterpiece on his hands and if you don’t believe me just take a look at this week’s Country charts. His new “Cow Girls” (One West Music) is ever so great and smooth and what a perfect track for this time of year. Eileen Carey has a new gem on her hands and we just love it. “In The Air” (Rolley Coaster) is the cut that you need to get on right away (if you’re not already on it). Eileen is also supporting the new single with some live performing dates that are quite impressive.

Juliana Lawrence is rocking our Country charts. “Heels On Wheels” (Star 1/MTS) is the jam that I’m talking about but find out for yourself and spin it. The Sarah Dunn Band are on the move and taking their new “Dirty” (Reznam) out for a spin to impressive results. I’m also happy to report that Willi Dakota is taking things to a higher level thanks in part to the single “Montana Sky” (Mega International) that is ever so good.

John Ratliff and his band Receptacle have a crossover hit on their hands. “Me Too” is the one that keeps lighting up the phones and we’re so proud for John and company. Tim Hadler has had an amazing run with his is brilliant “Running Around” and this recent multiple NMA nominee thanks his fans for all they have been doing. Denny Strickland has got a good thing going with “Get A Grip” so get ready to build the spins for this gem.

Amy Rose is rocking Country with the single “Put A Lime In It” (WRM/OTM). Ross Kennedy is also building strong with “Blue Jeans And Heels” (Ind) so you may want to spend a little more time with that track. The Stickers are out and about with the song “Ain’t Nothin’ Better” (Woderick Music) that deserves your immediate attention.

Tucker Beathard has a real winner on his hands that really deserves much more support. His fun loving “Rock On” (Big Machine/Universal) should be at the top of everybody’s list. The ever amazing Pat Boone has a new song out at Country this week that deserves special attention. “Part of America Died Today” (The Gold Label) tells of a recent and powerful story that deserves special care. The song was brought to our attention from music industry icon Mike Borchetta and we really thank him for that. If you happen to be in the Nashville area over the next few weeks please join me over at Legends Corner at 5th and Broadway Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s from three to six in the afternoon. I’d love to sing a song with you and buy you a beer. Or better yet, you can buy me one. I’ll have more Country news for you next time right here my good people.