Eric Church continues to build a rather special and amazing career in Country music. He pulls his stock even higher with the new and elegant “Desperate Man” (EMI Nashville). Watch for some big weeks ahead for this gem. Also getting lots of love and attention from our panel of music and program directors is Luke Combs. His new “She Got The Best Of Me” (River House Artists/Columbia Nashville) comes at the perfect time and he will no doubt get some well-deserved Summer spins for this one to be sure.

Bucky Covington has got a good thing going ever since his days on American Idol. His new “Probably Won’t” (Barefootin) is really deserving of your attention and some good solid spins. I’m also happy to report that Blake Shelton has another one for your playlist. Everybody is already raving about “Turnin’ Me On” (WB/WEA) & I must admit that this is yet another masterpiece from the master of Country himself, Blake “powerhouse” Shelton.

David Lee Murphy is back with a new solo effort after a very successful duo run with Kenny Chesney. “I Won’t Be Sorry” (Reviver/Blue Chair) is his latest and greatest and this one really deserves your immediate attention. Also getting love of love and attention at the Country format is Russell Dickerson. His new “Blue Tacoma” (Triple Tigers/Sony) is a solid entry and you can expect some fast-rising chart moves on this winner.  Once we see a new artist making such powerful early moves it really gives us an indication of some rather amazing things to come.

Al & Trey are back with another gem. Their new “And Now I Know” (Trade Productions) is already picking up some solid “most added” & “most increased” activity. Make sure to save a little room on your list for this amazing duo that appears to have another hit on their hands.  Randy Houser is getting plenty of play at the format for his latest. “What Whiskey Does” (Stoney Creek) is the one I’m talking about and this one has “hit” written all over it. Get this onto a good rotation as soon as possible. You don’t wanna be the last one to come to the party do you”?

Cassadee Pope is back with a new single that is oh-so-good. “One More Red Light” (Awake Music) is the song that is getting raves and praise from our panel of music and program directors. The Swansons are rocking the charts with a new single. “Move Forward” (Listen Again Music) is their new one and this is as good as they come especially from a group from the independent arena. Cody Jinks is also getting in on the action taking the track “Must Be The Whiskey” (New Rounder/Concord) out for a spin. Pretty good little tune so make sure to put it in your next music meeting.
Jon Pardi is out and about with another very strong offering. “Night Shift” (Capitol Nashville) is the song that is making big waves and should find a home with most Country reporting stations. Bobby Wills is taking the single “Won’t You Be Mine” (MDM) out for a spin and the results are quite good so far. I also really love the new one from the Dushane Band. “Forever For Now” (Turtle Bay Music/KES) is the jam that is pulling in some rather strong numbers. Mark Bray is also getting in on the action as his current single “I Just Need A Drink” (Bar Frog Music) pulls ahead of the pack in a big way.

Eileen Carey is “on fire” with her latest entry. “That Town” (Rolley Coaster) is getting raves at the format and requests abound every time is gets a spin. You may want to spend some extra time with this fast breaking hit. Luke Bryan keeps the hits rolling as “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” (Capitol Nashville) just about closes out the entire panel. Being that Luke out on the biggest tour of his life, what could be better than adding another hit to his already stellar package of top charters. Jason Aldean has teamed up with Miranda Lambert for a real solid winner in “Drown The Whisky” (Broken Bow). Barley Station are moving to the top with “Younger Summer Memories” that is out of this world. Also love that Sam Hunt & “Downtown’s Dead (MCA Nashville).