Claes Cem Releases Groundbreaking VR Technology Music Video

After an inspirational year in the US, Thailand and his native country of Denmark, recording artist Claes Cem is back with the new enticing melodic pop single “Catch On Fire”. It is first single from the forthcoming the new EP entitled “Momentum”, that will be released later this Spring.

The music video “Catch On Fire” is groundbreaking by being one of the first music videos in the world using the innovation VR-360 audio generator from Dolby Digital. Claes collaborated with famous U.S. director Brett Leonard, who is the man behind the blockbuster movie The Lawnmower Man (starring Pierce Brosnan) and Peter Gabriel’s award winning music video “Kiss That Frog”.

“I’m thrilled to work with Leonard who has chosen to invest his time and energy in creating this music video. He is a legend in the virtual reality field and his expertise within the innovative VR-360 technology will make this video overly exciting from a movie-tech perspective.” says Claes

“The theme for the video is a modern-day masquerade ball shot in one of Copenhagen’s beautiful classical palaces. Using VR-360 technology, spectators can step into the masquerade themselves and join the party.” Claes says

“Catch On Fire” video will officially be released on February 9th, 2017 and can be viewed on or

Download “Catch On Fire” single now here.

“Not just another great Dane. Claes Cem wins ‘Best of Breed’ by a country kilometer!”
Scott Mathews (Producer of The Beach Boys, Carlos Santana, Neil Young, Van Morrison)

“Danish recording artist Claes Cem “40,000 Feet” is sweet, stirring and completely free of turbulence.”
Paul Loggins (Editor, New Music Weekly magazine)

For over 25 years, Brett Leonard has been at the forefront of the digital media revolution. Whether it be the groundbreaking computer graphics in his cult-classic film Lawnmower Man which introduced the concept of Virtual Reality to popular culture – or being the first to pioneer modern stereoscopic techniques and photo-realistic CGI in his hit IMAX 3D film “T-Rex” – or introducing American audiences to Russell Crowe and many other talents both in front of and behind the camera. Brett Leonard’s is not unfamiliar with the music industry since he directed Peter Gabriel’s Kiss That Frog, the first HD all computer graphic music video/ride film. Kiss That Frog toured the world as a wildly popular theme park attraction, and won Mr. Leonard a 1994 MTV Music Video Award. Brett’s work as a visionary Producer/Director/Futurist has always pushed the edge of innovation in the entertainment industry. See more of Brett Leonard’s work on

Hailing from Denmark, passionate pop-folk singer, Claes Cem has built a following as an international, independent artist. To this day, he has played over 1,000 shows across the globe. His vocal talents and his performance won him the Best Singer Award at the Emergenza Music Festival in Denmark.

Cem has put his heart, soul, and personal anecdotes into his recordings, collaborating with Grammy-Award winning producers in the United States such as Carlos Bedoya in Miami, Jamie Slocum in Nashville, and Scott Matthews in San Francisco. Claes Cem’s works have been featured on television shows such as ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” and “The Bachelor.” Since the release of his past three singles “Rosie,” “40,000 Feet,” and “You Ain’t Beaten Yet,” all of which received extensive airplay on Danish National Radio. The music video for his first single titled “You Ain’t Beaten Yet” off his fourth coming album, had it’s premiere on VH1, CMT, and MTVu this past year.