Carrie Underwood Works Her Magic

Carrie Underwood works her magic once again at the Country format. Her new “Dirty Laundry” (19 Recordings Limited/Arista Nashville) is getting a big thumbs up from radio programmers from coast to coast. Also getting in on new action is Eric Church. His new  “Kill A Word” (EMI) appears to be off and running at full speed. You might want to give this one some extra special attention. I’m also happy to report that the lovely and ever so talented Lauren Alaina is doing so well at Country radio. Her “Road Less Traveled” (19 Recordings/Mercury Nashville) is just the track she needed to move ahead of the pack.

Lanco is getting in on the action and make no mistake about that. The single “Long Live” Tonight (Arista Nashville) is on fire and it’s getting major raves from our panel of music and program directors. I’m also thrilled to see my good pal Dwight Yoakam back at radio. The long-time leader of the Bakersfield Sound, he’s getting lots of well-deserved love and affection thanks in part to his new and powerful track “These Arms” (Reprise/WEA). David Nail is also pulling in some rather impressive numbers. His latest in “Good At Tonight” (MCA Nashville) is very solid and many of you out there should make this a top priority.

Darius Rucker is also back at the format and that is always a very good thing. His latest in  “If I Told You” (Capitol Nashville) just reminds us why he’s so important to Country music. Being that he was once the king of pop he has most certainly made the transition quite well. Keith Urban also has another monster track on his hands. “Blue Ain’t Your Color” (Hit Red/Capitol Nashville) is the cut that is getting raves from coast to coast. Also getting much love out there is Eric Martin. Everybody is just raving about the single  “Love Is Alive” (Sony) and for good reason, it’s that red hot and more.

Maren Morris is getting some amazing attention from Country radio and she deserves every bit of it. Her current “80’s Mercedes” (Columbia Nashville) is really as good as they come and make sure to power this one in the coming weeks.  Tim McGraw is also pulling in some powerhouse numbers and that should be of no surprise to anybody that follows this sort of stuff. “How I’ll Always Be” (Big Machine/Universal) is the one that is making beautiful music for him. I’m also happy to report that Thomas Rhett continues his winning ways. “Vacation” (Valory Music/Universal) might be a bit too late for the season but it’s such a good track that it’s hard not to keep in running at full speed.

Bryan James has been working hard as of late and it appears to be paying off. “Gotta Get There Before I Know” (Star 1/MTS) is the one you need to spend some time with. Also getting a good buzz out there in radio-land is Shari Rowe. The single “Take That Shot” (Maven Media) picks up more good action and could make some big moves in the coming weeks. I’m also happy to report that Cody Jinks is getting much attention. The cut is called “I’m Not The Devil” (Ind) and it’s quite a well-crafted little ditty.  Recording artist Tony Watson is also getting in on the action. “Doing The Best” (Star1) is the one that is starting to appear on many of our radio station playlists so please pay extra attention to it now.

Chuck Murphy has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. “Cow Girls” (One West Music) is the one that everybody has been raving about. And if you like this one, just wait until you hear the follow-up. Eileen Carey is also setting the world on fire at radio. Her current “In The Air” (Rolley Coaster) is one of her best to date. John Ratliff and his band Receptacle have a huge crossover smash on their hands. “Oh My” is the one that everybody has been raving about and for good reason, it’s rock solid.

Tucker Beathard can do no wrong as his “Rock On” (Big Machine/Universal) moves to the top of the charts. Brett Eldredge is getting much love for her new “Wanna Be That Song” (Atlantic Nashville) and why not. This is our Fall Music Preview so please check out all of the artists and bands that are making chart progress. We believe that many of them deserve that extra attention and we hope to see many of them hitting the top of our charts very soon. Come and see me over at Legends Corner on Broadway and we’ll sing a song together or just have a few beers.