Anohter Banner Night In Tinseltown

It happened just a little later this year than usual, but the weatherman held out a perfect weekend for the New Music Awards held November 22nd at the Avalon Theater.

Congratulations to all nominees, and winners. And congrats as well go out to the house band that sounded like they had played together all year long. From the pre-award festivities to the glad-handing and consuming of beverages that transpired into the wee hours of Sunday morning, I would have to say the NMA’s were a resounding success.

I’m not David Letterman, though one day I would like to be the house announcer just to say I did it once. But I do offer a top ten of this year’s NMA’s. Since it isn’t Lettermanesque, it’s not supposed to be funny. I’ll do my best here, but I’m just taking some of the positives and writing about them.

10. BUCK MCCOY’S VERTICAL LEAP. Tim McGraw has nothing on Buck. He goes with both legs in the air, guitar in hand, and makes some NBA players look silly. Too bad he can’t dribble. A basketball, I mean. Seriously, Buck hosted the show with grace, talent, and professinalism as always. Great job.

9. CHARLIE ALLEN. And his voice. His guitar. And a microphone. Enough said.

8. MINI TURKEY BURGERS AT THE AVALON. Hey, they’ve been serving these finger foods pre-event for the past three years and this year was the first actually planned my meal schedule around them. An amazing appetizer and the staff is always courteous there. I’m not sure what the hell is really in them, and maybe I don’t wanna know, but…..hella good.

7. YOU CAN CHECK OUT ANYTIME YOU LIKE. But you never really leave the Hotel Roosevelt. An amazing place to stay if you’re from out of the area. Yep, it’s somewhat spendy, but you get trend with the spend. I’m thankful Larry and Paul couldn’t hold this round mound of sound up long enough to complete the deal of tossing me in the pool, but the Roosevelt is probably as much of Hollywood as the Walk of Fame, Groman’s Chinese Theater, or my second favorite hangout, up one from last year at number 6 (I really didn’t do a countdown last year)…..

6. HOOTERS. Right on the boulevard, right on the price and a great place to get a beverage and enjoy watching whatever it is you like to watch. Oh yeah….there’s a TV in every nook and cranny too, in case you want to watch a game.

5. KADY MALLOY. Far from the Britney Spears imitation days of Idol, she reprised the role for a rendition of Womanizer with the band and nailed it. Simply nailed it, and did it on very short notice. She has a new project available that could be multi-format radio friendly for top 40, AC, and country (ala Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift) so keep your eyes out for it. It was EASY to keep your eyes on her, though, during the show. She came out to LA from Houston on short notice after opening for Air Supply the week before. Look for great things from Miss Malloy.

4. LARRY WEIR AS THE MAD DIRECTOR. He never really breathes until the show is over, kind of sucks in air now and then, but boy, he loosens up quick once the curtains are down. Again, a great job from Larry and brother Tom who provided the excellent sound crew. Yep, missed the tour of Studio City Studio again. Maybe next year. Masika handled the green room duties quite well….when do we get to see Masika ON STAGE?

3. PAUL LOGGINS AND THE BOND GIRL. She WAS in one of the Bond films. I’m convinced. But if Hannah hasn’t been, she should. Congratulations Paul. This was the first year your guest’s picture was probably taken more than yours.

2. LADOT. They may not speak English, but those cab drivers get you where you want to go in a freakin’ HURRY.

…and the number 1 thing about this year’s New Music Awards?

…..the promise that has yet to be broken that next year’s will be bigger and better than EVER.

A great time was had by all, and thanks once again to the weatherman for the 75 degree days and great nights that made it even more special. We beat the rain- by a week.