Andrew Heller Is At It Again

Andrew Heller got his start early by placing first in the New York Young Artist Metropolitan Opera Auditions and was mentored by Leonard Bernstein and the director of The Long School of the Metropolitan Opera. As a soloist, Heller performed many lead roles in New York at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Marble Collegiate Church, and summer stock throughout the East Coast. Andrew sang with Lisa Minnelli at all the High School musicals at Scarsdale High. Heller put his professional singing career aside to pursue advanced degrees in science and mathematics, and began a prolific scientific career at IBM. He quickly rose to the position of President of IBM’s Independent Business Unit, where he supervised the creation of IBM’s leading edge version of the UNIX. Heller is the youngest person ever to be named an IBM Fellow, a lifelong honor. His music career also began to flourish with concert appearances including the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Ball at The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Hofstra University’s Tribute to Songwriter Ervin Drake among others. Heller has released eight CD’s, and since 2008, he has had 10 songs make the Top 10. He also landed in the Top 15 on the national music charts with over 20 different recordings. His popularity as a concert and recording artist has continued to grow each year. In addition to his concert calendar, he is a frequent guest of radio DJ’s nationwide, and was featured on Fox News Network’s Strategy Room. Andrew Heller and his wife MaryAnn Heller reside in Austin, Texas. Andrew currently releases his music through DiamonDisc Records, a label which distributes not only Heller’s catalog but a collection of select recordings by Charlie McCoy, Willie Nelson and Don Cherry, and the late Boots Randolph.