Charlie Puth is back at the format and that is always a real good thing. This time out he’s taking the single “The Way I Am “(Artist Partners/WEA) out for a spin. It’s the perfect song for Summer and many of our music and program directors are all over this one in a very big way. Daughtry is back at radio and we are thrilled to have them. “Deep End” (RCA/RLG) is the song that is getting major traction “out of the box”. Watch for some big weeks ahead for this gem. Weezer is also back at radio and many of you are singing the praises of their latest offering in “Africa” (Crush Music/Atlantic). The song has major chart potential but we will keep a watchful eye to see if their label can pull it off.

A Great Big World has proven time and again to be winners in every way. They do it right  as their new “Younger” (Epic) picks up a number of New Music Weekly reporting stations. It’s a solid track to be sure and you should give it a shot if you are not already on it. I’m also happy to report that Jordan Smith is getting raves at the AC format. “Only Love” (Republic) is the jam that is making its way to many of our reporting stations. So far the word on this single is all positive & we are hoping to see this one at the top soon.

The pairing of Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato is picking up some steam. “Fall In Line” (RCA/RLG) is the track that is on-fire. One has to wonder with all of the health issues that Demi in now facing, will this effect the labels push on this rather excellent duet? Justin Timberlake is back at it and in a very big way. “Soulmate” (RCA/RLG) is his latest and greatest and everything Justin does these days seems to turn to gold and or platinum and this one is no exception.

Lovelytheband appears to be winning fans and friends alike. The single “Broken” (Another Century/Sony) is so strong that it appears to be propelling them to greater heights. Watch for some magical weeks ahead for this amazing debut. I’m also thrilled to report that Imagine Dragons are back with another monster single. “Natural” (KidinaKorner/RCA) is the one that many of our programmers are raving about. It’s only a matter of time before this one breaks Top 5 and we told you so right here.

Ocean Park Standoff and joined forces with Lil Yachty for what appears to be a very huge record. “If You Were Mine” (Hollywood) is pulling in massive requests everywhere it’s spinning and that gives us a good indicator that something rather special is going on here. Pink is also rocking the format strong once again and that should be of no surprise to anyone watching. “Whatever You Want” (RCA/RLG) is her latest and it’s actually one of her very best to date so I hope to see a little bit more chart action on this gem very soon.

Shawn Mendes has joined forces with Khalid for what appears to be a real event. “Youth” (Island) is the one that is pulling in stations and spins by leaps and bounds. Also picking up steam is the latest from Sabrina Carpenter. Her track “Almost Love” (Hollywood) is a real solid single that deserves your immediate attention.

Kenneth Roy is back with a new single. “Two Of AKind” (Physico) is a solid entry and make sure to give this one a shot. Toz Antonio Piretti is back with “Heroes” (Coast) & this one also has huge potential. Barley Station continues their #1 ways as their “Younger Summer Memories” (Barleyfields) has spent a record number of weeks at #1.  The Backstreet Boys are back at radio and that’s always a welcome sight at the AC40 format with their powerful “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (RCA/RLG). They are on the road making music once again and the fans can’t get enough.

Garrett Young has a new single in “My Friend” (West Coast Collective) that is oh so good. It’s the follow-up to his chart topping “My Oh My” and this one screams #1. Dianne Meinke can also celebrate as her latest in “Read My Mind” (UVI) moves past a very crowded field.   Devi is closing in on the top spot with “Bad Boy”. Newcomer Mateo Luka continues strong as his “Castaway” (TCI Records). This is our major Summer issue and many of these artists deserve your continued love and support. Here’s wishing you the very best in this red-hot Summer. I’ll have more for you next time on the very best at AC40 when we return with our next blazing issue.