Top40 Has Major Fire Power

Lorde is back at the format with some major firepower. For those that may have thought that she was down and out her new “Green Light” (Lava/Republic) single is set to fix that issue on the spot. Flo Rida has teamed up with new sensation 99 Percent for what appears to be a real masterpiece. “Cake” (Atlantic) is the jam that I’m talking about and it’s getting major raves from our panel of music and program directors. Also making big moves at Top40 is Russ. A simple name with a complex song entitled “Losin Control” (Columbia) might just be the single to pay some very extra special attention to.

The new pairing of Linkin Park with Kiiara is pulling in some rather strong dividends. “Heavy” (WB/WEA) is the track that appears to be the talk of the town. The band has been silent for quite a while but that seems to no longer be an issue.  Maroon 5 has teamed up with Future and that appears to be pure magic. “Cold” (Interscope) is the single and from the looks of it, this could really be a #1 for the both of them. The team continues again and again and this time it’s Kygo & Selena Gomez. Together they make beautiful music as the new “It Ain’t Me” (Interscope) takes flight.

Calvin Harris has joined forces with Frank Ocean & Migos and the results are stellar. “Slide” (Fly Eye/Columbia) is building spins fast and furious so if you’re not on this already what are you waiting for? The new Zedd & Alessia Cara is also a solid winner. “Stay” (Interscope) is such a fine track I just can’t stop listening to it. Make sure you spend a little extra time with this one. Those ever fabulous Chainsmokers keep rolling like a fine tuned music machine. This time out they have joined forces with Coldplay for the gem “Something Just Like This” (Disruptor/Columbia) and this song will not be denied.

The big trio pairing of Stargate, P!nk & Sia is another force to be dealt with.   “Waterfall” (Interstellar Music/RCA) is the single that continues to pull in calls and requests at a very strong level. If you don’t believe me, just get it in rotation for a few weeks and see what happens.  Another powerhouse trio (is this what’s happening now?) finds Jason Derulo adding Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign to the mix. “Swalla” (Beluga Heights/WB) is the cut and make no mistake about this one, it has legs to go “all the way”.

The Catey Shaw is also exploding at Top40 and in a very big way. “Human Contact” (Complex/Lefthook Entertainment) is just about everywhere you turn and that also should be telling us something. Axwell & Ingrosso and the Kid Ink single “I Love You” (DefJam) is also one that should be taken very seriously. Newcomers Lucky Harmon are finding a world of true believers as their “Idolize Me” (Blessings Entertainment) picks up very big numbers. We’ll see how this all plays out in the weeks to come but for now this is a so far so good thing.

Newcomer Donnette Tucker is building quite a name for herself. “Hush Puppy Girl” (Ind) is the name of her debut single and this one is on fire. It’s been on our “most added” list for several weeks now and is racing up the charts in record time. Julia Michaels has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. “Issues” (J/Republic) is the magical track I’m talking about and this one is oh so good. Lady Gaga continues to amaze with a slow but steady builder. She just won’t give up (and neither will her label) as the current and ever strong “Million Reasons” (Interscope) pulls ahead of the pack.

This is our winners issue and NMA “winner” Chuck Murphy continues to shine as his current “Peace Be With You” (One West) holds strong at #1. NMA winner Renee Zawawi is also on fire as her “Mom” single moves towards the top. Joey Canyon (another NMA Winner) has had a stellar run with “I Can’t Start Loving you Again” (Glo-dot) so a big congrats goes out to him. Dianne Meinke who came a close second is none-the-less killing it out there at radio with her “Secret Lover” single. I’ll have more for you on the greatest hits of Top40 next time right here. A big congrats to all of our NMA winners!