Zander Bleck Releases Gratifying Single And Video, “Battlecall”

Pop-rock artist, Zander Bleck, released his empowering new single and accompanying video “Battlecall,” each creatively crafted to fill its listeners with emotion and gratitude. Through the use of empowering melodies and lyrics, Bleck displays the courageous determination it takes to fight for the existence of one’s dreams. “Battlecall” is now available for digital streaming and download worldwide, the video is available for viewing on YouTube.

Produced by Gavin Brown, AG, Mark Needham and Ben O’Neill, “Battecall” opens up with Bleck’s soft angelic vocals, which slowly lead up to an explosive chorus and energetic rock sound overflowing with passion and fearlessness. “As we go through the war of life, it’s easy to lose our calling. ‘Battlecall’ is about always hearing it,” he describes. This struggle is apparent in his opening lyrics, “I held the keys to the castle, they fell right through my hands.” This catchy tune is complimented with a mesmerizing video, directed by Dale (Rage) Resteghini, that draws its listeners into a deserted battlefield of ambition verses life. “Battlecall” was co-written by Bleck, alongside Caroline Brooks and Adrianne Gonzalez.

A New Jersey native, Zander Bleck moved to New York City after high school where he modeled until embarking on his musical career. He credited his love for music to his talented musical family, who exposed him to music of legendary artists such as Freddie Mercury and Bruce Springsteen. He first gained recognition as a musician after early successes with his East Coast band. Later, his voice captured the attention of producer RedOne, which led to Jimmy Iovine signing him to Interscope Records. When an executive shakeup reordered the label, Bleck shifted to Capitol Records, but again his major label launch was halted. Since then, Bleck has re-launched himself as an independent artist and earlier this year released his single and video for “Alive.”

“Battlecall” brings to light the importance of keeping one’s aspirations in sight and overcoming any obstacles that may emerge in the process. “Battlecall” is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide and the video is available for viewing on YouTube. Follow him by visiting