Zac Brown Band Change Directions With ‘Someone I Used to Know’

A return to organic, homegrown country music was just a one album trip for Zac Brown Band. “Someone I Used to Know,” the first single from whatever they’re working on next, falls between genres.

This has worked well for the Zac Brown Band. Fans pack baseball stadiums to see a cross-genre show and strong musicianship. Vocally Brown continues to be under-appreciated, and in subtle ways, it’s the case here. There’s a real trueness to the way his words resonate that make every story he tells feel like gospel. This one about leaving your past behind feels like long overdue advice.

Synth tones mix with the ZBB’s variety to show to create a harmonious experience few will turn away from. No, it’s not “Chicken Fried,” but nothing from their last album, Welcome Home, was either. They drive the evolution of country music to the point that anything that doesn’t work with radio is likely just ahead of its time.

Did You Know?: Shawn Mendes wrote “Someone I Used to Know” with the Zac Brown Band. The two performed during CMT’s Crossroads in 2018.